Quiz: Take a Shot At This Firearms Maintenance Quiz
Take a Shot At This Firearms Maintenance Quiz
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a firearms enthusiast? Do you like to play, but rely on others to maintain your firearms? Take this How Stuff Works quiz to find out what you need to do to take proper care of your guns.

Firearms can be fun and useful, but they also take a bit of work. Now, you're not going to be spending hours every day taking care of your guns, but there are some basic steps you need to take to keep them maintained properly. 

These basic steps are important because a firearm that is not maintained will not work properly for long. And by properly, we mean that your firearm must hit the target and do so safely. Firearms that are not cleaned regularly and adequately may misfire, which may result in injury to the user or others in the area. 

To maintain your firearm, you'll need to know how to clean it, but first, you need to know how to identify each part of the gun, because different parts of each firearm will need to be maintained, or cleaned, in a particular manner. You'll also need to know what to use to clean and maintain your gun.

Let's find out how much you know about firearms maintenance.

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How often should you clean your firearm?
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Why do most people postpone gun cleaning?
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How often do you need to swipe the bore?
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Do you have to disassemble your firearm every time you clean it?
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For a hunting gun, when is the best time to clean it?
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What is the first thing you should do when cleaning your gun?
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What should you do when you finish the cleaning?
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Which component(s) are the most critical to the performance of your firearm?
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What can get trapped between wood and metal and make your firearm less functional?
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Wipe your firearm down with an __________ lube before you store it.
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Where should you store your firearm when not in use?
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What is the most often overlooked auto-shotgun maintenance item?
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Failure to clean the recoil spring in the buttstock can lead to what problem?
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True or False. You don't need to clean modern firearms.
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Disassembling your weapon is also called what?
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Which of the following is NOT a firearm cleaning must?
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After you make sure your firearm is not loaded, what is the first step in cleaning?
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In which direction should you clean the barrel?
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What should your visual inspection cover during cleaning?
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What is the main goal of cleaning your firearm?
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Shotgun cleaning rods are _______.
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True or False. A self-cleaning firearm needs no maintenance.
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What is involved in the catastrophic failure of a firearm?
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What is it called when a semi-automatic firearm fires repeatedly?
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Using a cleaning rod that is too hard can do what?
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What goes on the end of the cleaning rod to hold the cleaning patch?
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Use a ______ patch with every swipe.
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A cleaning brush should be made of which of the following?
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Which of the following is NOT suitable for use with guns?
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True or False? You can use a toothbrush on your firearm.
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Is it ok to use a Q-tip to clean your firearm?
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Who best knows how to clean a gun?
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