Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess How Many Tattoos You'll Get Before You Die

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It's hard to deny the addictive quality of tattoos. They're like potato chips. You try one and you just need more and more.  You know what else is like that? Taco Bell. When's the last time you ate one soft taco and just stopped right there?  It's barely even possible.  So you could say Taco Bell and tattoos are spiritual twins.  And based entirely on that magical, mystical connection between the two, we're going to do something amazing!

All we need to determine the number of tattoos that you're going to get over the course of your entire life is a simple Taco Bell order.  Pick your favorites, indulge in the ultimate Taco Bell feast and we'll dig deep into our bag of tattoo/taco tricks to look into your inky future.  You may not believe it, but your next Chalupa could lead to a full sleeve tattoo.  That Crunchwrap Supreme could be the gateway to an epic back piece.  And you won't even believe what you might get tattooed on your face if you eat a few more Mexican Pizzas.  

It may seem unbelievable, but there's only way one to find out for sure.  Build us an all-powerful Taco Bell order and we'll tell you just how many tattoos you'll get before you die!

Nacho cheese makes everything better, but what if it's not available? Which sauce do you pick?

You can't eat a taco or burrito without some kind of a shell. What's the best way to wrap it up?

That meaty goodness inside a taco is what makes it so good. What's your protein of choice?

You need veggies on a taco, right? What veggie really makes a taco sing?

Taco Bell has a few options if you want something filling but it still isn't meat. What are you adding to your taco to fill you up?

What's the ultimate kind of taco to order?

What's the best time of day to hit up Taco Bell?

Sometimes you just need a burrito. Which burrito is the best of the best?

Sometimes you need to shake up the way your taco is made. Which one of these styles amps it up the right way?

Taco Bell has joined forces with some other brands over the years. Which creation was the most awesome?

No one does extreme menus like Taco Bell. Which of their crazy creations was the best of the best?

Not everything delicious at Taco Bell comes folded in half. Which of these options do you crave?

It's hardly a meal without some dessert. What's your sweet treat of choice?

Hey, who doesn't love a bowl of food? What kind of Taco Bell bowl is best?

You're going to get thirsty eating all those tacos. What's your beverage of choice?

No one can eat just one taco. How many can you pack away in one sitting?

Technically there's nothing stopping you from going to Taco Bell and then another fast-food place to make the ultimate junk food meal. Where should you go?

What kind of taco should Taco Bell be selling that they aren't?

What kind of food should Taco Bell add to the menu for a little diversity and flair?

You know Taco Bell does breakfast, right? What sounds like it'd hit the spot first thing in the morning?

Taco Bell knows how to play with a taco shell. Which unique shell is the best?

Did you know Taco Bell did a full-on fancy Thanksgiving menu? Which holiday item sounds best?

Potatoes are delicious, and that's just a fact. Which Taco Bell potato dish is the tastiest?

Everyone has a few Taco Bell sauce packets in a drawer somewhere. What kind of sauce is the best?

If you're going vegetarian, Taco Bell has a lot of options. Which would you order?

Taco Bell is looking out for you when you're on a budget. Pick your Dollar Cravings Menu favorite.

If you grab a side of nachos, you need something to dip them in. What dip goes best?

Sometimes you need a side to complement your taco. What side seems like the best option?

Are you a quesadilla fan? What's the best filling for one?

When you have a lot of people over, you need a party pack. What pack is feeding your party?

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