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When filing taxes, do you dine on prosperous lentils, and when you're stuck in a rut, do you spring for progressive pork? Probably not, but cultures around the world have attached so much symbolism to food that you could plan an entire diet around whatever good fortune you wish to come your way. Test how well you know the meaning behind certain meals with the Symbolic Foods Quiz from TLC Cooking.

What ingredient in deep-friend Jewish latkes holds special symbolism during Hannukah?

When the Jews rededicated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem following the Macabee revolution, there was only enough oil in the sacred candelabrum to burn for one day. The oil in Hannukah latkes symbolizes that consecrated olive oil miraculously burning for eight days, long enough to press fresh oil.


Which of the following foods doesn't symbolize prosperity for Chinese New Year celebrations?

Chinese traditionally eat fish and pears to represent prosperity for the future, while they may munch on mustard greens for a dose of longevity.


Which fruit plays a starring role in Italian and Spanish New Year traditions?

At midnight on New Year's, Italians eat as many grapes as possible for good health in the coming year, while Spaniards will eat 12 to represent each month of the year.


Pineapple displayed as a symbol of hospitality originated in what country?

Seventeenth-century colonists began importing the fruit from the Caribbean, and due to its rarity, it was considered a sign of hospitality in the United States to offer the precious fruit to guests.


Eggs became closely associated with Easter by representing what?

For centuries, Christians have associated eggs with Easter as a symbol of fertility and new life.


Which of the following foods isn't associated with good luck?

Long noodles promote a lucky, long life, and forward-digging pigs represent progess, but a chicken might fly away with your good fortune.


A candy cane's shape most likely represents what part of the Biblical Christmas story?

The origin of shape isn't entirely known, but the most plausible legend goes that they were formed in the shape of shepherds' crooks and handed out to children at churches around Christmas.


Women wanting to get pregnant might want to dine on what symbolic meat?

Famous for their rapid reproduction, rabbit is the go-to meat for fertility.


In ancient Rome, celebrants broke wedding cakes over brides' heads to symbolize what?

After breaking the cake over the bride's head for fertility blessings, celebrants would then gather and eat the crumbs for good fortune.


During New Year festivities, Chinese avoid eating what color of food?

Since white is considered an unlucky color, you won't find eggs, tofu or other white foods at the Chinese New Year table.


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