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The popular 2004 television re-boot of Battlestar Galactica had a large cast of eccentric characters who drove the show's plot. Do you remember their motivations and fates? Find out with this quiz!

Before being imprisoned and transported on the Astral Queen, Tom was found guilty of terrorism. The explosions he set off killed hundreds of people on his home world.

Which one of these characters is a journalist?

D'Anna Biers conducted a series of interviews on the Galactica. The result was a 'slice of life' for the crew.

Who was diagnosed with terminal cancer?

Before the cylon attack, she learns that she has breast cancer. Later that day, she admits that all she can think about is the fact that she has cancer, despite needing to organize survivors of the attack.

Lt. Sharon Valerii (Boomer) had a relationship with which two crew members of the Galactica at different times in the story?

Initially, Boomer has a steamy relationship with Galen Tyrol. Back on Caprica, one of her copies finds Helo and pretends to be a survivor to win his trust.

What name did Col. Tigh call Kara during a poker game?

Trying to throw her off her game, Tigh mocks her nickname. In return, she brings up his poor relationship with his wife and table-flipping antics ensue.

Who feels responsible for the death of Zak Adama?

She passed him in flight school, even though she didn't think he merited passing. Later, he died in a flight accident and she blames herself for letting him fly.

Gaius Baltar frequently hallucinates which character?

Shortly after escaping Caprica, Baltar has visions of No. 6. She both helps him and distracts him regularly throughout the show.

Who begins the series with a crush on Officer Dualla?

When Admiral Adama sees them flirting in the control room, he remarks that they'd better have lots of babies. Why? So that the human race doesn't become extinct!

Which officer's wife shows up unexpectedly halfway through Season 1?

The crew complains that she's a bad influence on him, but he's more than happy to see her. Her arrival sparks new political intrigue on the Galactica.

Who is the first person Baltar accuses of being a cylon?

Baltar chooses Aaron as a scapegoat so that he can investigate cylon tech in the control room without arousing suspician. As it turns out, Aaron actually was a cylon.

Who plays President Laura Roslin?

Mary McDonnell appeared in 73 episodes of Battlestar Galactica as Laura Roslin. She has also appeared on shows like Grey's Anatomy, ER and Major Crimes.

Which major character loses a leg?

The leg amputation was horribly painful without anesthesia. Afterward, Gaeta sings to his leg to make it feel better.

Which character inadvertently gave the cylons access to Caprica's defense mainframe?

During his love affair and scientific collaboration with No. 6, he gave her virtually unrestricted access to the defense mainframe. She used this information to plan the attack on Caprica.

Lee Adama is on poor terms with which character when the series opens?

He blames William Adama for Zak Adama's death. Both are stubborn, and reconciliation comes slowly to them.

Which of the following characters is a cylon?

Sharon Valerii, aka Boomer, is the first to be revealed. Later, we learn that Simon and Galen are also cylons.

Where do Dualla and Billy Keikeye meet?

Dualla tells a very confused Billy to either come in or get out. He was lost and hadn't shut the door!

Who takes command of Galactica when Adama fights to survive a gunshot wound?

As the next highest ranked military officer, it is Saul Tigh's duty to lead in Adama's place. His brief reign is highly unpopular.

What is the nickname of the best viper pilot on Galactica?

Admiral Adama and Saul Tigh both admit on-screen that Starbuck (Kara Thrace) is their best pilot. Her fancy flying saves countless lives throughout the show.

Who delivers Sharon's baby?

As the ship's doctor, Dr. Cottle is one of only a handful of people who truly seem to care about the "hybrid" baby's well-being.

What does Starbuck do in her downtime?

Kara's character enjoys thrashing her fellow crew members at cards, smoking cigars, fixing her viper and the occasional romp in bed.

How does Laura Roslin save Hera Agathon's life?

Boomer's child, Hera, is a hybrid between cylon and human. As such, many survivors of the cylon attack wanted her dead.

Which actor plays Admiral Adama?

Jamie Bamber plays Admiral Adama's son, Lee Adama. James Callis plays Gaius Baltar and Alessandro Juliani plays Felix Gaeta.

What is the name of the priest who swears in President Roslin?

Elosha provides spiritual support for the crew of the Galactica, officiating over government ceremonies and conducting funerals for the fallen.

Which of the following characters never tried to be president?

Gaius, Tom and Laura all ran for the presidency. Laura was the first president during the show because over 40 higher ranking members of the president's cabinet died in the cylon attack.

Who does Galen Tyrol marry?

After his ill-fated love affair with Boomer, Galen learns of Cally's love for him and marries her.

In Season 1, why does Admiral Adama claim he knows the location of Earth?

Admiral Adama knows that without something to hope for, his crew will not survive. He pretends to know the location of Earth in the hopes that they will strive for a better life.

Who plays Capt. Karl "Helo" Agathon?

Tahmoh should be a familiar face in science fiction. He's also appeared in cult favorites such as "Supernatural" and "Dollhouse."

Starbuck quarrels with which female pilot?

Kara quarrels a little bit with almost everyone on Galactica at some point or another. Kat is no exception because of a small rivalry as female viper pilots.

Which of these cylons was a "sleeper agent?"

Boomer sympathizes with the humans and only sabotages them unwittingly. Her struggle as a cylon who doesn't hate humans is a major story arc in the show.

Why does No. 6 desperately want Baltar to love her?

The cylons think that love is the key to successful reproduction with humans. Six chose Baltar to be her partner and spends the series trying to get him to love her fully.

Who does Starbuck ask to protect Lee Adama?

Kara keeps a picture of Zak and Lee on the mirror in her bunker and is known to ask the gods of Kobol for help.

Which character prophesies about the future of the human race?

When Laura takes chamalla to deal with her breast cancer, she begins having visions. Her prophecies result in Kara's daring mission to Caprica, the rediscovery of Kobol and other major plot developments.

Which character is tasked with screening Galactica for cylons?

He's the leading scientific expert on Galactica, so leadership turns to him to create a test that differentiates between humans and cylons. This responsibility places him in interesting moral predicaments.

Who is the woman in the bathroom love scene with Gaius Baltar?

Playa, a reporter, followed Gaius in the hopes of getting "the scoop" on him. She got a little more than she expected.

Who leads a small resistance base on Caprica and falls in love with Starbuck?

Anders quickly retreated into the mountains with survivors in order to hide from the cylon invasion. When Starbuck was temporarily stranded on Caprica, she and Anders had an affair.

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