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Supervillains are the yin to the superhero yang. How much do you know about the most famous supervillains of all time? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Which supervillain is sometimes called a Holocaust survivor?

In twists, Magneto is sometimes an ally of the X-Men, revealing his complex character.

Which supervillain has the ability to control all of the molecules in his body?

He's also sometimes called "Apocalypse The First One."

The Green Goblin often uses weapons that look like what?

His Halloween-themed arsenal makes him rather terrifying.

In what year did the Joker first appear in a Batman comic?

In 1940, within a year of Batman's debut, the Joker began vexing our caped superhero.

With which group of superheroes does Ultron often clash?

James Spader played Ultron in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Which super skill does the Dark Phoenix often use to combat enemies?

The Phoenix force is renowned for his energy manipulation and his psionic abilities.

What outfit did Doctor Doom wear when he was introduced?

His masked appearance has remained similar since his 1962 debut.

In his first incarnation, what sort of criminal was the Joker?

He murdered his poor victims with a poison that left their faces twisted.

What object fuels Juggernaut?

The Crimson Gem helps make him one of the strongest beings on Earth.

Selina Kyle is an alter ego for which slinky supervillain?

Catwoman's alter ego is a skilled burglar and fierce fighter.

Venom looks like an evil version of which superhero?

In "Spider-Man 3" he has horrifying teeth and a weird tongue.

What is Lex Luthor's real first name?

Alexander Luthor first appeared in 1940 as Superman's primary enemy.

What does Brainiac do to the worlds he encounters?

He maintains a collection of stolen worlds.

Red Skull is proud of his history with which group?

He spends a good chunk of his time serving as a Nazi general.

Doctor Doom received some of his skills from which religious group?

Tibetan monks taught him skills that add another dimension to his already powerful character.

Which supervillain did Marion Cotillard portray in 2012?

Talia is adept at all sorts of martial arts.

In about how many comic book issues does Black Adam appear?

Black Adam is in about 500 comic book issues. He constantly vexes Shazam (Captain Marvel).

What is Lex Luthor's primary area of professional expertise?

His engineering and technological skills make him a formidable foe.

En Sabah Nur harasses which team of superheroes?

En Sabah Nur, aka Apocalypse, antagonizes the X-Men.

The Brain is the leader of which supervillain group?

The evil Brotherhood made its first appearance in 1964.

What caused the permanent damage on one side of Two-Face's face?

A merciless mob boss nailed him with an acid attack.

Which supervillain becomes president of the United States?

Lex had a lot of strong ideas for the future, to say the least.

The electro-blast gloves are a primary weapon of which famous baddie?

The sparkly effect of the Green Goblin's gloves belies their deadly power.

Michael Fassbender plays which supervillain in a 2011 movie?

His work as Magneto came to life in "X-Men: First-Class."

How does Two-Face make life decisions?

He flips a coin — no wonder he makes such poor life choices.

Harley Quinn summons her intellect and physical abilities to combat which superhero?

Harley Quinn is Batman's enemy and is often portrayed as the Joker's lover.

Where does Kingpin exert most his substantial criminal influence?

He is most influential on the East Coast. With his tidy suit and intimidating stare, he evokes memories of old-school mobsters.

Which supervillain is sometimes called "The Monster of All Worlds"?

Jack Kirby and Stan Lee were partially inspired by the Bible when they created the god-like Galactus.

Translated to English, what does Ra's al Ghul's name mean?

Ra's al Ghul means "the demon's head." He has been leading the League of Assassins for centuries.

Apokolips is the original home of which bad guy?

The planet is the birthplace of many antagonists, including Darkseid.

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