Quiz: Coming Soon to a Quiz Near You: Summer Blockbusters
Coming Soon to a Quiz Near You: Summer Blockbusters
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Who needs swimming pools and water parks when you can cool off in a movie theater with the latest summer blockbuster film? Grab a bucket of popcorn, then settle in for 20 questions about the biggest summer blockbusters to ever grace the screen.

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What day do most summer blockbuster movies premiere?
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Which 1981 summer blockbuster centers around a daring archeologist who has to battle a dangerous band of Nazis to recover an ancient relic?
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What percentage of the film industry’s gross income comes from the 18 weeks when summer blockbusters are in theaters?
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Which action-packed movie was officially the first summer blockbuster?
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In 1976, another thriller became a devilish summer blockbuster. Which movie was it?
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What year did "Star Wars" make the Princess Leia bun a popular summer hairstyle?
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"Grease" was among the list of blockbuster hits during the summer of 1978. What was the name the gang that Danny Zuko was the leader of?
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Name the boxing blockbuster of 1979 that pitted a tough fighter in a rematch with his nemesis.
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Which of these candies was made popular by a summer blockbuster movie?
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Speaking of product placement, which product spokesman appeared in the 1984 summer hit "Ghostbusters"?
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When Marty McFly went "Back to the Future" in the summer of 1985, what year did he travel to?
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Bruce Willis accepted the role of John McClane in "Die Hard" after which actor turned it down?
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What character did Tom Cruise play in "Top Gun"?
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What ground-breaking flick was the first movie where Walt Disney and Warner Brothers characters interacted together?
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Summer blockbusters are typically explosive action films or funny animated flicks, but occasionally, a heart-felt drama takes the box office draw. Which of these dramas was the No. 1 summer movie in 1994?
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You can always count on Batman. To top the summer blockbuster charts, that is. Which "Top Gun" star also appeared in "Batman Forever"?
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Speaking of blockbusting actors, Will Smith has appeared in several summer hits that involve kicking some alien butt. Which film was the star of summer in 1997?
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Pixar has a knack for creating blockbuster hits, such as "Finding Nemo" in 2003. Often, they debut their characters with cameos in other films. Where was Nemo’s first appearance?
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While filming "Spider-Man" in 2002, Tobey Maguire’s costume had to be altered so that he could do which activity?
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In 2011, the No. 1 summer blockbuster featured the tag line "It all ends.” What movie was this?
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