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Take a group of supervillains serving lengthy prison terms or even awaiting execution and send them on government missions so dangerous that some of them will almost certainly die. That's the Suicide Squad.

Who is the commander of the Suicide Squad?

Waller ruthlessly pursues the government's agenda (and her own) as commander of the Suicide Squad.

Where is the Suicide Squad based?

Belle Reve is a prison for superpowered criminals.

What comic book series did the original incarnation of the Suicide Squad first appear in?

The first Suicide Squad appeared in "The Brave and the Bold" No. 25 in 1959.

What is the name of the government agency the Suicide Squad operated under when Waller founded the team?

The Suicide Squad was part of Task Force X, although they functioned independently or at the pleasure of other government agencies over the years.

In what DC crossover event did the modern Suicide Squad first appear?

Amanda Waller assembled the modern Suicide Squad for the first time in the "Legends" miniseries.

The only people who were members of both the original Suicide Squad and the modern Suicide Squad were medic Karin Grace and…

Rick Flag Jr. led the original team and is brought on as the field leader of the modern Suicide Squad (all subsequent questions will exclusively refer to the modern Suicide Squad).

Who was the first villain recruited to the Suicide Squad?

Rick Flag Jr. recruits Deadshot from Riker's Island in "Legends" No. 2.

How does Amanda Waller keep the villains on the Suicide Squad from going rogue while on a mission?

The explosive bracelets are a simple but effective method of keeping the villains in line.

Who was the first member of the Suicide Squad to die in action?

Blockbuster was killed battling Brimstone in "Legends" No. 3.

Barbara Gordon appears using what codename for the first time in "Suicide Squad?"

Gordon takes on the Oracle identity, acting as the Suicide Squad's technical support.

Whose identity does Amanda Waller threaten to reveal if he continues investigating the Suicide Squad?

Batman and Waller butting heads is an ongoing Suicide Squad theme.

What did Waller's role become when the team was exposed to the public?

While the actor was "leading" the Squad, they portrayed themselves as a more traditional hero team, but Waller was still in control.

What other team was also part of Task Force X?

Both the Suicide Squad and Checkmate were divisions within Task Force X until the events of the "Janus Directive" caused them to be separated.

What role does Father Craemer play for the Suicide Squad?

Father Craemer, the team chaplain, lets the members of Suicide Squad talk about their issues and desires for redemption.

What traditional gag happens to most members of the Suicide Squad?

Captain Boomerang was the original pie flinger, but others have carried on the pie-to-the-face tradition.

Which phrase is associated with the Suicide Squad?

"Carry on for us" is a phrase often spoken when a major member of the team dies (which happens fairly often).

Who was the only member of the Force of July to live through the explosion at the end of the "Janus Directive?"

Everyone in the Force of July except Major Victory is killed when Kobra's pule cannon explodes. Victory is then assigned to join the Suicide Squad.

How does Lex Luthor coerce Manchester Black into leading the Suicide Squad?

You know what they say, "Nanites in the spine, works every time."

Why does Deadshot stay with the Suicide Squad for such a long time?

Deadshot's death wish keeps him on the Suicide Squad for obvious reasons.

How does Slipknot lose an arm while on a Suicide Squad mission?

Captain Boomerang tells Slipknot he thinks the arm bands are fake, mainly to see what happens if Slipknot goes out of range. What happens is his arm is blown off.

Who was the first non-villain to join the Suicide Squad?

Bronze Tiger was brought on when the team formed to keep an eye on the villains that were being recruited.

What villainous identity did Amanda Waller take on during the "Blackest Night" storyline?

Waller posed as Mockingbird in a complex plan to manipulate both the Suicide Squad and the Sinister Six.

Who was killed during a mission to stop Black Adam?

Waller only wanted to goad Black Adam's family into committing a murder on film to discredit them, and Persuader ended up punching his ticket, leaving team leader Atom Smasher feeling manipulated.

Arguably the most powerful incarnation of the Suicide Squad, assembled to defeat Imperiex, included what mind-altered monster who once killed Superman?

Manchester Black altered Doomsday's mind to align with the Squad's goals, but the mission was still a disaster.

What happened when Sidearm tried to betray the Suicide Squad and leave while on a mission?

Unofficially, King Shark has probably killed more Suicide Squad teammates than any other Squad member.

Whose face does Deadshot end up wearing not long after Harley Quinn joins the Suicide Squad?

Harley Quinn has a long conversation with "the Joker," actually a tied up Deadshot whom she has placed Joker's skinned face upon. Look, it's about true love, and you wouldn’t understand.

In the "New 52" Prime Earth version of the Suicide Squad, Waller broke 37 criminals out of Belle Rive. How many made it through her brutal tests to become the Suicide Squad?

Seven made it to the first "mission," which was really just another test to see who could hold up while being tortured. Six made the actual team.

What classic war movie is the Suicide Squad's "criminals offered clemency for taking on a suicidal mission" concept based on?

"The Dirty Dozen" is about a group of imprisoned soldiers, some on death row, recruited to carry out a suicide mission to assassinate Nazi leaders just ahead of the D-Day invasion.

What are the members of the "New 52" Suicide Squad kept in line by, instead of the old exploding bracelets?

It's just like the old saying, "Surgically implanted nanobombs, that's a thing now I guess."

Who nearly kills Amanda Waller in one-on-one combat during a mission to Apokolips?

It was Granny Goodness, which is only surprising if all you know about her is her name.

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