Quiz: Can You Successfully Name These American Historical Figures?
Can You Successfully Name These American Historical Figures?
By: Olivia C
Image: American Press Association via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

How's your knowledge of American history? If you're a full-grown adult reading this, then this should be a simple challenge for ya! Do you think you can beat a fifth grader if we ask you to identify these famous people in American history? 

Promise, this is not such a humdrum quiz! We don't do that here! We're after fun, and history should really be fun -- especially for those who like to travel around, see the country, experience historical events via historical monuments and landmarks and relive some of these interesting historical times. Ever dressed up in a cosplay situation with a historical figure attire? It's a hoot, trust us! Or you can try that for Halloween, why not?

History is not just about politics or government facts. It's also about facts and details on innovations in many fields. Whatever happened in the sciences, in the arts and in the entertainment world, they're also considered as history. 

So gear up and try to answer as many historical questions in this quiz as possible. Let's see how far you'll go. You can do this. Game!

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