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Here's the chance to bring out the daredevil in you: a stunt vacation. This is an exhilarating experience, not for the weak of heart. Take this quiz to find out whether it's for you.

How long have stunt vacations been in vogue?

The concept has been in existence since 1992.


Who goes on stunt vacations?

Stunt vacationers are varied, but they include adrenaline junkies, bachelorette parties, corporate groups and celebrity event participants.


What movie-related activities can you do on a stunt vacation?

Stunt driving is a movie-related activity you can do. Bungee jumping and skydiving are also doable on stunt vacations, but they're less movie-related.


Can you participate in hand-to-hand combat in stunt fighting?

You can definitely do hand-to-hand combat as part of stunt fighting -- if you have the guts.


When they strap you into a harness, suspended in the air with pulley-supported wires, what is this called?

It's called wire flying and it's loads of fun.


What does it mean if you're set on fire during a high-speed car chase?

Relax. Nothing's gone wrong (gulp?). It's part of a regular car chase stunt that involves the "human torch."


How far down can you plummet in a bungee-jumping stunt?

It's usually about 150 feet (46 meters), but that's the height you jump from. You don't really plunge as far as that, because you are stopped short a few feet by a strong rubber band. Phew!


When bungee jumping, what do you need to decide in advance?

You have two options: go it alone or in tandem. In either event, don't eat beforehand and make sure you're okay with heights.


Bungee jumping face first with outstretched arms is called a _____ dive.

It's called a swallow dive. The name either refers to the bird that flies this way or the huge swallow you make to clear that annoying lump in your throat.


What takes place when you do zip-lining?

In zip-lining, you're suspended in a harness and you descend along a wire at high speed over a beautiful landscape.


When tandem diving at between 2.2 and 5.6 miles (3.5 and 9 kilometers) high, how do you know when to pull your parachute cord?

Don't worry -- your instructor makes that decision. You just have to trust him.


What is the minimum age requirement for stunt vacationing?

You have to be over 18 years of age.


In addition to providing documentation of good health, you need to sign a waiver before stunt vacationing. Why?

The waiver is against your suing the stunt vacation provider. They assume no liability for injuries sustained, although it does not absolve them of responsibility for your maximum safety and protection.


If you go on a stunt vacation with Las Vegas-based Thrillseekers Unlimited, how much is your insurance coverage worth?

You're covered for up to $5 million, which is all very comforting to know.


In the U.K., how can you find out if your instructor is adequately qualified?

The wisest thing to do is to check on the JISC Stunt Register. He should have at least seven years' experience with stunt productions.


It costs about $2,600 per person for a five-day stunt vacation package with Las Vegas-based Thrillseekers Unlimited. What does this include?

The five-day deal covers just about everything, short of champagne and booze. For that, you have to pay extra.


Where can you take a three-day stunt vacation for about $4,000?

Covert Ops Fantasy Camp in Tucson, Arizona, offers such a package deal.


At Tandem Halo Jumping in Somerville, Tennessee, what do you get at the end of your three-day vacation?

You get a certificate of completion, which just testifies to your having been there and completed the vacation. It doesn't give you any degree of any kind.


In what country can you do Star Wars and Gladiator-type stunts?

You can do them in Australia with a stunt vacation provider called Movie Stunt Experience.


At Adventure Sports Holiday in the U.K., what must you have for the stunt driving activity?

You need to show proof of a valid U.K. driver's license. Previous stunt driving experience is not necessary, although driving experience is.


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