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Stress and anxiety, particularly the chronic kind, can have an awful impact on your quality of life. How much do you know about stress and ways to relieve it?

Chronic stress can make you how much more likely to die prematurely?

No matter the exact number, chronically stressed people are more likely to die early.


How do humans typically respond to stress?

Chronic stress is marked by a long-term fight-or-flight status, which can harm a person's health in many ways.


If you tend to eat more when you are stressed out, what should you do?

Healthy snacks are far superior to gorging on any junk food that you just happen to find.


Cortisol is often called what?

When you experience chronic stress, this hormone is at higher levels and can affect your physical and mental well-being.


How does caffeine intake affect cortisol?

So when you're really stressed, it is best to moderate your caffeine consumption, otherwise you're adding fuel to the fire.


Experts recommend you should exercise about how long each day to gain some stress-relief benefits of physical exertion?

Some experts say that beyond 30 minutes you don't receive much more of a boost to your mood.


"The Relaxation Response" is a book about what?

The 1975 book was all about helping people to slow down, lower their blood pressure and keep stress at bay.


Which factor most often contributes to very high stress in peoples' lives?

Deteriorating health (in your life or the life of a loved one) can feel overwhelming and uncontrollable.


The hormone cortisol is often associated with cravings for what kind of foods?

But overloading on unhealthy foods, of course, just compounds your problems.


What is one of the first and most common signs that a person is experiencing high stress?

People struggling with stress often have a hard time sleeping through the night.


How can applying pressure to the area at the base of your middle and pointing fingers reduce stress?

That nerve is in the area of your heart, and for some people just pressing this nerve can reduce feelings of anxiety.


What's one major reason you shouldn't use alcohol to help you sleep?

Alcohol may help you get to sleep, but often it will cause you to wake early.


Feel-good music can trigger the release of what?

Dopamine is neurotransmitter that affects your brain's rewards system; it's a reason that good music can make you feel better.


If overspending stresses you out, how can you immediately address the problem?

Give yourself a set amount of money each week; that sense of control may very well help reduce your financial-related stress.


Some experts say that to lower stress, you should listen to music that has how many beats per minute?

Too fast and you may overstimulate yourself; too slow and you'll become drowsy.


60 bpm music is associated with an increase in which brainwaves?

These waves are more prominent when we are relaxed but still awake.


What is pranayama?

This kind of focused attention activity can help reduce your worries and lower stress significantly.


If you suffer chronic stress, you're more likely to become sick.

High stress is associated with all sorts of health problems, from colds to diabetes to heart disease.


To make sure you're rested enough to deal with stress (and life in general) how much sleep should you get each night?

Seven hours is about the minimum for most people; many people do best with eight to nine hours.


How does temporarily withdrawing from your social group help you deal with stress?

Supportive friends and family (not the unsupportive kind) are almost always beneficial in helping humans lower their stress levels.


Biofeedback helps you learn to control what?

With a bit of training you can learn to control many aspects of your body, improving your reaction to stress and your overall health.


How does laughter help improve your body's response to stress?

Deeper breathing and better oxygen intake can dramatically help your body; plus, laughing just feels good.


If you know you're going to encounter a stressful situation, how should you handle it?

Preparing helps you actively engage challenges and reduces the overall stressful impact.


Why can eating a banana help lower your stress level?

Lower blood pressure, of course, means less chance of heart attack or stroke.


If you have a lot of stress, you might benefit from what?

Some studies show that house plants can drop the blood pressure of stressed individuals.


How do you begin a session of Progressive Muscle Relaxation?

You have to tense the muscles before you let them relax, then you can really feel the difference.


Why does massage help reduce stress?

Careful massages is scientifically proven to help humans improve their health in many ways and also to reduce stress.


What is "guided imagery?"

Experts confirm that focusing your mind on relaxing or positive objects or places can relieve stress.


How long before bedtime should you put away your digital devices?

Too much screen time, on a smartphone or TV, is a bad way to prepare your mind for restful sleep.


On average, studies show that women worry more than men.

Some females need to take a more active role in stress reduction in order to feel good about their lives.


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