Quiz: The Ultimate Stock Options Quiz
The Ultimate Stock Options Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Stock options are a popular employee benefit, and have made millions for some lucky workers. Understanding what stock options can do for you or what this compensation benefit can do for your company may help you make better employment decisions. Take this quiz to see how much you know about stock options.

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Why would a stock option be mentioned in a job advertisement?
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Why would an employee want stock options?
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How long do you hold a stock option?
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If you have the offer of a higher salary or stock options from a company with an uncertain future, what is the best choice?
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Why would a start-up company offer stock options?
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What must happen for stock options to be profitable?
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What is the grant price?
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How do employees cash out their stock options?
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Do stock options guarantee a profit for the employee?
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How do stock options allow an employee to share in a company's growth?
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Does an employee have to exercise an option?
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How does a privately held company determine a strike price?
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How are vesting periods spread out?
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