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A steam dishwasher is latest thing in a long line in the ways of doing the dishes. But does a steam dishwasher clean as well as other dishwashers? Take our steam dishwasher quiz to learn how it works.

What happens when steam is used to turn a turbine?

Steam is a significant power source, which power stations use to turn a turbine to generate electricity.


What widespread industrial use does steam power have today?

Steam power is commonly used today to generate power in power plants, even nuclear power plants.


Why would hospitals have a use for steam?

Hospitals use steam under pressure to sterilize medical equipment and instruments.


What are the advantages of a steam dishwasher over a conventional one?

A steam dishwasher is water-efficient, gentle on the delicate dishes and does a superior cleaning job.


What's the connection between the inventor of the steamboat and the inventor of the dishwasher?

Steamboat inventor John Fitch was the great-granddaddy of Josephine Garis, inventor of the modern dishwasher.


How does steam work as an efficient cleaning agent in a steam dishwasher?

Tightly packed steam molecules under high pressure and high temperature clean with a powerful force.


Can steam get hotter than boiling water?

While water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius), steam can reach far higher temperatures, especially when pressurized.


How does volume compare between water as a gas and as a liquid?

In gas form as steam, it has more volume than as liquid water. That's why a little water can create a lot of steam.


Where happens to the food particles on your dirty dishes when they're steam-cleaned?

The grime absorbs the powerful steam, gets rehydrated and thus loses its evil grip on your plates. Then it rinses off with ease.


How does a steam cleaning feature in an oven work?

You just put a cup and a half of water inside the oven, and with heat, it gets converted to steam, which cleans the interior.


Do non-steam dishwashers use steam?

When you open a regular dishwasher, a rush of steam mist comes out, but it's only from the drying process, not any washing cycle.


What does a steam generation unit do?

As a unique part in certain steam dishwashers, it heats the water to high temperatures and generates steam.


What's the advantage of using the prewash steam cycle?

The prewash steam cycle lets you skip rinsing the dishes before loading.


Does how you load the dishwasher make a difference to the cleaning process?

Proper loading is essential to get clean dishes. The biggest pieces should go near the sides and back of the dishwasher, and dirtier items should go near the sprayer. If you use too much detergent, your dishes could have a soapy residue on them.


What makes steam a good option for cleaning fragile dishes such as crystal and china?

Because steam doesn't need to use force to get dishes clean, it's a good method for cleaning fine china and other easily breakable items.


Approximately how much might a steam dishwasher cost in the U.S.?

A good steam dishwasher might cost about $1,600, although you can definitely find ones that are a little cheaper.


How did Consumer Reports rate the cleaning effectiveness of steam dishwashers compared to standard dishwashers?

Consumer Reports found that steam dishwashers got dishes only slightly cleaner than regular dishwashers.


How much extra time might the steam feature add to the length of the washing cycle?

While dishwasher models vary, the additional time required for steam cleaning could be up to 45 minutes. In fact, Consumer Reports noted that a full cycle in one steam dishwasher model it tested was longer than two hours!


The Australian steam dishwasher known as Swash is designed to be _________.

The Swash is a steam dishwasher that takes up very little space and filters and reuses water. And since it takes less energy to heat a smaller volume of water, it's also energy-efficient.


How noisy are steam dishwashers?

Steam dishwashers are very quiet compared to regular dishwashers, especially older models.


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