Quiz: Fire Away! 'Star Wars' Missile Defense Quiz
Fire Away! 'Star Wars' Missile Defense Quiz
By: Staff
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In 1983, U.S. President Ronald Reagan announced a new plan for protecting against a nuclear strike: the Strategic Defense Initiative. Reagan's idea almost immediately earned the unwelcome nickname "Star Wars." How much do you know about the program?

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About a year after President Reagan announced the Strategic Defense Initiative, James A. Abrahamson was appointed its leader. Abrahamsom was fresh from which agency?
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What was Reagan's timeline for the completion of the "Star Wars" program?
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What does the acronym MAD stand for in the context of "Star Wars"?
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What percentage of the Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenal was phase one of "Star Wars" designed to destroy?
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How much was the first phase of "Star Wars" projected to cost?
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