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The selection of washer-dryer models presents consumers with many options. In choosing a washer-dryer pair that's right for your laundry space, the field is divided between stacked or side-by-side washer-dryer sets. Take this quiz to learn the advantages of each and find the right choice for you.

What are the loading options for washer-dryers?

You may be surprised to discover that dryers are available as top-loaders. When purchasing your next laundry duo, choose from the many options of front-loader or top-loader models.


What do the smart sensors installed in washers and dryers do?

The smart sensors automatically adjust water level and temperature.


What is an advantage of a side-by-side model of washer-dryer?

A side-by-side model may be installed under a counter. The counter space may be very convenient for folding clothes and such.


What washer-dryer style has more to choose from?

A side-by-side washer-dryer combination has more options to choose from.


Which washer-dryer style is easier to load?

A side-by-side front-loading pair may be easier to load, since it is lower to the ground.


Why may a consumer prefer a top-loading clothes dryer?

For a small space where opening a front-loading door would be difficult, a top-load dryer may be the perfect choice.


What is the main advantage of a stacked washer-dryer pair?

For living quarters with limited space, a compact stacked pair may be the best choice.


What washer-dryer style has the most quiet operation?

A stacked style may have the most quiet operation.


Electric dryers require what voltage?

Electric dryers require a 240-volt outlet.


What does planned obsolescence mean?

Planned obsolescence is an industry practice of building products with a limited lifespan. Manufacturers sell more products when they design them to need early replacement.


How may planned obsolescence benefit consumers?

Consumers may benefit from purchasing products having the latest technology.


What powers stacked washer-dryers?

Stacked models are powered by electricity.


Where do stacked units position the washer?

The washing machine is always on the bottom.


Why may a consumer's height be considered when selecting a washer-dryer pair?

Those with a short stature may have a problem loading and running a stacked dryer.


What are your options if you need a stacked unit now, but maybe want a side-by-side model in the future?

Some front-loaders are designed to be used as side-by-side or stacked.


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