Quiz: Can you grow a spring garden? Test your green-thumb knowledge!
Can you grow a spring garden? Test your green-thumb knowledge!
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The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and your garden is still a bare expanse of dirt. Shouldn't you be outside with some plants and a trowel? Oh well. While we've got you at the computer, take our spring planting quiz!

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Spring is a great time to plant grass. At what soil temperature do grass seeds germinate?
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When it comes to your lawn, "going green" isn't just about lush vegetation. Which is the least sustainable way to landscape your yard?
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Seeds aren't the only thing to grow a vegetable. Which is NOT a part of a veggie from which you can start a new plant?
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Which is traditionally regarded as the first flower of spring? (Hint: The name gives it away!)
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For gardening on a budget, nothing beats growing plants from seeds. What are the best conditions in which to start seeds?
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True or false: When sowing your outdoor garden, seed only as many plants as you'll need.
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Wait, you can grow an ornamental garden in the shade? Of course! Which is NOT a shade-loving plant?
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True or false: You can grow vegetables even in low-light conditions.
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So you've got a shady back yard (stupid trees). What veggies will grow the best in these shadows?
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In a shady yard, your plants need all the light they can get. Which is NOT a way to maximize light in your shadowy garden in the Northern Hemisphere?
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Spring planting and weeding go hand in hand. What is the best way to get rid of weeds?
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Some herbs will come back each year, but others have to be replanted every spring. Which herb is an annual?
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Because herbs like mint and bee balm grow like crazy, they're referred to as:
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When this plant sprouts in the spring, you know it's safe to start planting bulbs:
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Loam is not a funny-smelling, puttylike children's toy. It's the ideal soil for a garden! Which is NOT one of its two main ingredients?
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True or false: A little frost never hurt a bulb. In fact, it might actually make the plant grow faster.
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You couldn't sell a fish without water, but you can sell a plant without soil. A plant sold with no soil around its roots is referred to as:
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Not all plants are shipped to a nursery from far away. What do you call a plant that originates from and grows well in your area?
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