Quiz: Board Shorts and Beer Goggles: The Spring Break Quiz
Board Shorts and Beer Goggles: The Spring Break Quiz
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Break out your board shorts (and/or beer goggles): It’s time for a spring break quiz! If you can’t make it to the sunny beaches of Florida, this party puzzler will help you relive your memories and instruct you in a few factoids you may have missed.

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Which ancient civilization began the bacchanal now known as spring break?
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What religious holiday often falls during spring break?
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What is the name of the famous swimming pool that was home to the first spring break shindig?
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What year did spring break officially occur in Fort Lauderdale?
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How long did it take for the spring break tradition to catch on?
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What spring break-themed movie kicked the annual celebration into high gear in 1960?
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In the 1980s, Fort Lauderdale earned which nickname?
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What do you call the practice of climbing from balcony to balcony trying to find the hotel room with the best party?
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When Fort Lauderdale started cracking down on underage drinking in the late 1980s, which town did spring breakers move the party to?
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When did MTV televise its first “Spring Break” special from Daytona Beach?
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Fact or Fiction: “Girls Gone Wild” is the name of both an adult series of co-ed capers and a 1929 movie about a girl who's mad at her boyfriend.
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Daytona Beach finally got fed up with spring breakers, and the 1990s rang in a new party town. Which one?
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What's the most popular spring break destination in Texas?
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On average, how much do spring breakers spend in the Southeastern U.S.?
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Which “American Idol” contestant starred in a spring break movie?
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Who stated that “spring break is no longer an innocent respite from the rigors of college academics; it’s potentially life threatening”?
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How many alcoholic drinks per day do spring breakers typically consume?
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What faux pas does Homer Simpson make when he takes his family on vacation to Florida during spring break?
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