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For many people, a sports fantasy camp experience is the ultimate dream come true. For men and women over 30 years old, sports fantasy camp can be a chance to play with superstars. Take this quiz to learn more about sports fantasy camps.

How much will it cost for you to shoot some hoops with Michael Jordan at his sports fantasy camp?

You can make your dream come true for about $17,000.


What is the appropriate age to attend a sports fantasy camp?

There is usually a minimum age requirement of around 30 years old. These camps are not for kids.


What is a less expensive fantasy camp?

Fantasy camps vary in length, price and what is included. More affordable than Michael Jordan's fantasy camp is the Yankees six-day fantasy baseball camp for $5,500, or the USC Trojans adult football camp for $2,500


Where is Michael Jordan's Flight Camp?

You can gamble while visiting Michael Jordan's Flight Camp in Las Vegas.


How rough is a fantasy football camp?

Only touch or flag football is played at fantasy football camp


At what fantasy camp can you race at 160 mph?

NASCAR has a fantasy camp where you can really rev your engine.


What is the maximum age to attend a fantasy camp?

There is no maximum, but you will be required to sign a medical release form, plus supply your heath insurance information and a medical clearance from your doctor.


What level of skill will you need to attend a fantasy camp?

Enthusiasm will make up for any skill you are lacking.


Are women welcome at all fantasy sports camps?

It is a mixed bag. Some camps are for men-only, some are for women-only and some are mixed.


What other types of fantasy camps are there?

If sports are not your passion, you can attend Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp or Jazz Fantasy Camp.


Where do I get the equipment and a uniform?

A personalized jersey and the necessary equipment will be provided for you.


Who is responsible if you get injured at a sports camp?

You are required to sign a legal waiver before starting camp. If you are hurt, you are responsible and you are prevented from suing the fantasy camp.


What sports camp is for women-only?

Women's Soccer Fantasy Camp, featuring Brandi Chastain, is for women only.


At a golf fantasy camp, what can you arrange for a few extra dollars?

Play golf with a pro for a few extra dollars.


Where is a tennis fantasy camp located?

Play tennis at a fantastic resort. Tennis camps are located at gorgeous resorts in Antigua and Maui.


How much does it cost to play hockey with Wayne Gretzky?

This sports fantasy camp is costly: $10,000 to puck around with Wayne Gretzky.


Who is a NASCAR celebrity?

Richard Petty is a NASCAR celebrity who may be available to do lunch at NASCAR fantasy camp.


Why would a retired sports star be interested in getting involved with a fantasy camp?

Fantasy camps can be a financially sound business, and it gives a retired athlete the chance to stay close to the game.


What is the cost of most sports fantasy camps?

Usually sports fantasy camps are priced from $1,000 to $5,000, but can cost much more.


What is an unexpected fantasy camp?

There is a fantasy camp for architecture.


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