Spend a Day With Joanna Gaines and We Will Guess What Style of House Matches Your Personality!

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Is your personality large and looming like a Victorian mansion? Or is it sweet and unassuming like a cottage? Spend an entire day functioning as Joanna Gaines' assistant and we'll match your personality with the kind of house that's right for you. Buying a home is a huge decision, and you should make sure you're looking at the right style. 

Throughout your day with Joanna, you'll get to make some design choices, and you'll get involved in a renovation. The decisions you make to help Joanna will tell us how you operate. They will also tell us the style of home that perfectly matches the way you think. Whether you decide to put carpet or hardwood in the bathroom, it can tell us a lot about your personality and the kind of home you need to hold all your Joanna Gaines-inspired design choices.  

Spend some time shopping and spend time working alongside the Gaines family. After a long day demolishing and decorating, your personality is sure to come shining through! Make your way through a house and work your decorating magic with Joanna, and we'll let you know which kind of house you'll need to have her decorate for you someday! 

Joanna is looking for the perfect mirror for the bathroom. Where do you look for it?

It's time to go to work. How will you and Joanna get to the job site?

Joanna asks your advice for lighting to go over the kitchen island. What kind of lighting do you suggest?

You're going to help Joanna decorate. Which touch will you add?

You've been asked to pick a paint color for the bathroom. What color would Joanna choose?

That walkway needs sprucing up. How will you and Joanna tell Chip to fix it?

Joanna loves shiplap! How do you tell her you feel about it?

This kitchen needs a major update. Where will the two of you start?

There's carpet in the master bathroom. Will you help Joanna pull it up?

Which of these items would you help Joanna place on a mantel?

It's time for lunch! Where will the two of you go?

The contractor is running late, and Joanna asks you to handle it. What will you do?

The kids have come to work for a visit. How will you help Joanna keep them entertained?

Joanna asks you to add a pop of color to the living room. How will you do it?

It's time for a "Fixer Upper" reveal. What part will you play?

You get to choose the kitchen countertops. What material do you think Jo will like?

Hardwood flooring or tile in the bathroom? Joanna wants to know.

Would you encourage Joanna to add any smart appliances?

Joanna loves using open shelving in the kitchen. Do you like it?

Where do you think it's most clever of Joanna to place a vintage metal chair?

You are finishing up a space for a kid's room. What might you ask Joanna to add?

You're with Joanna at the flea market. What catches your eye the most?

How would you help Jo add a special touch to a master bedroom?

Chip and Joanna are disagreeing about opening up a wall. Who will you agree with?

What item would you help Joanna choose for the front porch?

There's an extra room. What will you and Joanna turn it into?

The homeowner wants you to work a stained glass window into the space. Where will you put it?

Joanna asks you to pick out a rug for the dining room. What kind do you like most?

Where would you and Joanna stop on the way home from work?

Joanna doesn't like the outside of a home. What's your suggestion to make it look better?

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