Spend a Day at Disney World and We'll Reveal Which Disney Character Matches Your Personality

Khadija Leon

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About This Quiz

Disneyland is the first theme park which was built by Walt Disney, and the only one to have been designed and built under his supervision. It opened in 1955 and since then, well over 700 million people have visited the parks. Walt changed the theme park game, and ever since '55 everyone else has been scrambling to catch up, with varying degrees of success.

Disneyland, like all of the other parks, has a wide variety of activities, from water to thrill rides, to live shows and parades, to sampling tasty treats to taking photos with your favorite characters, there is something for everyone. 

People go to these parks to celebrate special occasions, and depending on the time of year that you visit, there is more to see and do at one of the happiest places on earth. Also, new attractions are constantly being added to the park, making each experience different from the other. 

Have you ever wondered which of the many Disney characters matches your personality? Well, look no further. All you have to do is pretend to go to Disneyland and tell us everything that you are going to do while there. Once you are finished, we will reveal who that character is. 

Which Disney park would you also like to spend another day at?

What time of year will you be going there?

What time of day will you be going there?

Who will you be going with?

How will you be finding your way around?

What kind of Disney merch will you be wearing to go there?

What kind of rides do you like most?

How many rides are you planning on going on?

Which of these Disneyland rides would you not mind waiting an hour on the line for?

Will you be getting a fastpass?

Which part of the park will you spending most of your time in?

Which of these characters would you like to take a picture with?

What color mouse ears are you planning on getting?

Which of these Disney treats would you like to try?

Which of these rides is also on your list?

What is your biggest amusement park pet peeve?

How much money are you planning on spending in the park?

Which of these restaurants will you be going to for lunch?

Which of these shops will you be heading to after lunch?

Which of these live shows/parades would you like to see?

Which of these frozen treats will you be eating?

Another parade is about to begin in an hour. Which of these are you hoping that it is?

Will you be staying for the fireworks?

Which of these gifts will you be buying for your friend?

What will you be taking home to remind you of your trip?

Where will you be having dinner?

Which of these rides will you be going on before you leave?

Which of these other characters do you want to catch before heading home?

What will you be doing after you leave Disneyworld?

If you could stay at one of the Disney hotels, which one would it be?

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