Quiz: Spend a Day as a 1950s Housewife and We’ll Guess Your College Major
Spend a Day as a 1950s Housewife and We’ll Guess Your College Major
By: Jennifer Post
Image: :sturti / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Just reading about being a housewife in the 1950s is exhausting, let alone living it. Not only did you have to take care of the kids, but you also had to take care of the house, keep up a social life, cook, keep in shape, and keep your husband and kids happy. Forget about sick days. Sad to say, but you were still expected to do everything a healthy wife would do even when you're sick. Honestly, moms in the current day and age still do that, but the stigma around the 1950s lifestyle has dissipated.

The personality traits of someone who was a successful 1950s housewife can line up perfectly with the type of major they would have chosen if given the opportunity. The way they care for their children and husband, the food they make, the way they dress, etc., all give insight into who they are as a person outside of being a wife and mother.

Certain majors require special character traits. Not just anyone can be an elementary school teacher or a police officer. There is a level of patience, caring, and firm-handedness that goes into those careers, and so many others. Make your 1950s housewife choices, and we'll see if we can guess your college major!

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What time do you wake up?

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Who let the dogs out?

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Do you have any special talents?

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What color would you paint the walls in your home?

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