Spend $30 at Dollar Tree and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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About This Quiz

You have $30 to go on a shopping spree in the Dollar Tree. Are you up for the challenge? Share the things you would pick up with us, and we'll be able to guess your age.

From the snack aisle to personal hygiene items to everything you need to wash your car, Dollar Tree offers something for everyone! Their aisles are stuffed full of every gadget, supply, and container you could ever need. No matter what you decide to spend your $30 on, we're certain that your purchases will give away your age. While we're certain you aren't a newborn, shopping in the baby aisle could tel us that you are of age to start a family. Meanwhile buying back-to-school items lets us know you've already done that, while spring break-type purchases signal that you're around college age, or perhaps in your early 20's. These little clues will lead us to a guess we know be so accurate, it will blow your mind.

It's true that some of the items you choose will be more of the timeless variety, but even those items will say something about you. From there, we will analyze your overall cart until we get it right. Your age is listed on your receipt! 

You're in need of some seasonal products, what do you buy?

Snack aisle: What are you munching on during the drive home?

Now, on a more serious note, which toy best suits your needs?

Cleaning supplies: Do you need any?

Are hygiene products on today's shopping list?

Which of these office/school supplies would you pick?

Which would you rather spend $1 on...?

Which product would be most useful for your storage needs?

You're having friends over sometime in the near future, what's a must have product for that get-together?

Are you in the market for any organizational products?

Could your kitchen use any reinforcements?

Which accessory would you choose?

What's a care package must-have?

What's your go-to arts and crafts product?

Your room could use a bit of sprucing up, what do you pick to accent it?

You can never have too many party supplies, so what do you buy for your stock pile?

Your pantry is in need of a quick snack, what do you buy?

Which of the following might come in handy...?

It's always a good idea to have basic tools around, so what do you buy to add to your home improvement arsenal?

Which of these do you think is the most entertaining item?

Which of the following would be most useful in your life right now?

Which of the following toys would you have loved to have as as a child?

You recently broke your brush and are in need of a new way to tame your mane, which product do you buy...?

Aside from products like candy, would you be up for some dollar store grocery shopping?

What's something you definitely don't want to buy at the dollar store?

You and your best friend decided to surprise each other with $1 presents for your upcoming friendship-anniversary; what do you get them?

Which cup type do you prefer?

What's an item you're always losing and could use more of?

Which product would be handy to keep in a purse, dashboard, or other convenient location...?

Which of the following products would best help you with fulfilling your self-care needs?

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