Quiz: Work, Eat and Relax: What goes on at a spa-themed business lunch?
Work, Eat and Relax: What goes on at a spa-themed business lunch?
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Skip the slides and ban boring presentations in favor of a spa-themed educational lunch. Take our quiz to see how much you know about hosting a spa-themed lunch that's sure to impress your audience.

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Why do companies typically shy away from calling educational, business-related lunches "Lunch 'N Learns?"
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Which of the following is a common feature of spa cuisine?
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What spa treatment involves using essential oils to aid relaxation?
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These skin care specialists can bring spa treatments to your home or office.
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Does federal law require companies to pay employees who attend optional educational lunch sessions?
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What are some of the functions of an educational business lunch?
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True or false: A spa-themed business lunch will always be held at a spa.
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends businesses allow themselves how long to plan a health- or wellness-themed educational luncheon?
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What sugar-free beverage is infused with fruit, vegetables or herbs for added flavor?
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What spa treatment involves applying pressure to specific points on the hands, ears or feet?
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