Quiz: The Ultimate Southern Travel Ideas for Families Quiz
The Ultimate Southern Travel Ideas for Families Quiz
By: Staff
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For some real hospitality, plan a family vacation to the Southern United States. Knowing what activities are available will help you plan a fun family vacation. Take this quiz to see how much you know about fun Southern travel ideas for families.

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While visiting Nashville, Tennessee, your family may cruise on the Cumberland River in a:
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Where can you see a full-scale replica of the Parthenon?
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Where is the genuine Parthenon?
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For nature lovers, what is an interesting Nashville, Tennessee attraction?
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Many children love animals, so don't miss a family trip to the:
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Families may tour Charleston, South Carolina by foot, boat or:
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When vacationing in Charleston, families may participate in what outdoor activities?
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To see dolphins in their natural habitat, where should you take your children?
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While touring Charleston, South Carolina, what "railroad" may be an interesting family activity?
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What aquarium is one of the world's largest?
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How long is the hike to the top of Stone Mountain?
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Families love to picnic, so where is a favorite Atlanta picnic spot?
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When vacationing in Miami, Florida, where can you swim with the dolphins?
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South of Miami, where may families want to participate in ecotourism activities?
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The Casa Bacardi details the history of what country?
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While visiting the Miami area, where can you see lots of alligators?
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Disney World has _____ theme parks.
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When visiting Orlando, what nearby beach has car access?
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When vacationing in Orlando, Florida, what nearby attraction has space rockets?
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While staying in Orlando, Florida, what sporting activity may your family enjoy?
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