Quiz: Soup Up a Truck and We'll Guess What Kind of Truck You Currently Own!
Soup Up a Truck and We'll Guess What Kind of Truck You Currently Own!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: LeoPatrizi/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

When you buy something, anything, you rarely get what you really want. People who buy Porsche Boxsters are basically admitting they wish they could afford a Porsche 911, but can't. People who live on houseboats probably wish they could have a big house on land, and a mega yacht in which they could travel the world. 

Most "extreme" versions of products exist purely to entice us to buy the attainable versions. Chevrolet, for example, put the Bolt on a plinth to sell the Volt, though more people gravitated to the Bolt, surprising GM. Still, which truck on a rotating plinth you like will point to which actual daily driver you settle on.

With trucks, you can take this a step further. If you really juice a truck, it can become borderline useless, like the Raptor variant with no usable rear bed space because it carries a spare wheel everywhere. If what you're looking for is just some serious off-road fun though, then nothing else will do. Similarly, Fiat-Chrysler is putting out as many cars and trucks with the Hellcat engine as it can, even if it means, as in the case of the Grand Cherokee, that it's useless off a paved road.

How would you modify your dream truck? Would you be set up for drag racing, or the Dakar Rally? Are you only interested in flexing and cruising, or do you crave usable muscle? Tell us, and we'll say what your daily driver is!

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What activity would your dream truck most likely be used for?

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Which of the following brands would you gravitate towards, if money weren't an object, and they made a pickup?

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What size engine do you want to start out with?

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How many cylinders do you need this engine to have to do what you need it to?

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Which is the most important to you, horsepower, torque, top speed, or off-road performance?

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What would you pull out to lose weight?

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What would you like your frame to be made of?

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How aggressive do you want your bodywork?

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What's the highest tech feature you'd like in your truck?

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What unique drive feature do you like the sound of?

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How would you like your vehicle painted?

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How likely are you to want to replace it next year when the new version comes out?

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