Quiz: Sorry Generation X, Only Millennials Are Passing This Quiz!
Sorry Generation X, Only Millennials Are Passing This Quiz!
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Luis Alvarez/ DigitalVision/gettyimages

About This Quiz

What defines a millennial? A birth year between (approximately) 1980 and 2000? A confident, assertive, and possibly entitled (sorry!)  attitude toward life? Or is it just having grown up watching "Lizzie McGuire" and waiting all year for the "McRib" to come back to McDonald's?

There are reams of research on what the Millennial generation is all about -- their politics, their attitudes toward relationships and marriage, their approach to saving, spending and home ownership. Whole books have been written about them. To which we say: How exhausting! Can't we just talk about the TV, the movies and the tech?

The answer to that is yes. Yes, we can. We've created a quiz on '90s and 2000s culture that only Millennials will pass with flying colors. Some of our questions are nostalgic, about the early technology and games that '90s and 2000s kids owned. Others are about about Millennials today, especially the language they use to differentiate themselves from Generation X and Boomers. 

Whether you're a true Millennial, an "Xennial" (an older millennial with a lot in common with Generation X), or a Boomer or Gen-Xer trying to remain young and hip, we've got a quiz for you! Grab some shade-grown coffee and a cronut, settle in, and test your cultural savvy now!

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Is "adulting" a good thing?
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Which of these shows introduced the world to both Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez?
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Elizabeth Berkley broke out of her sweet "Jessie Spano" mold with what racy movie?
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What company made the Game Boy?
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Which of these was Sega's answer to the Game Boy?
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Is there "JOMO" (joy of missing out) as well as "FOMO"?
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How many feet of bubblegum came in a package of Bubble Tape?
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Which of these TV shows was set in Sunnydale, California?
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Who was Cher's best friend in "Clueless"?
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Which of these is a way to say "one hundred percent"?
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Finish the phrase: "I can't even ____."
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The term "on fleek" was originally used to describe ______.
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Somebody who is "on fleek" in all aspects of clothing and style has ______.
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Finish the phrase: "The ______is real."
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If someone is "humblebragging," are they bragging or not?
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Speaking of "or not" choices, what's the millennial way of saying "or not"?
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Something you and your BFF's aspire to is a _____ goal.
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If you are socially and politically aware, you are _____.
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"Salty" is a millennial word for _____.
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Which of these things would a "basic girl" like?
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Which of these is a digital wallet?
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If you're here to set the standard in something, you're here to ____.
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Which of these short-lived shows starred Claire Danes?
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Which of these now-vintage computers came in blueberry, lime, tangerine and grape colors?
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If you are "turnt," you are ...
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In what fictitious town was "Veronica Mars" set?
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On which social media platform might you have an "egg account"?
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What time of year is the McRib available?
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Which social media site is represented by a white ghost on a yellow background?
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What year was the iPhone introduced?
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Which of these movies was the Gen-X forerunner of "Mean Girls"?
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