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"The Sopranos" was not afraid to kill anyone off. Minor characters and major ones were equally in danger of being whacked at any time. Let's see how much you know about the character deaths in the HBO series.

Over the seven seasons of "The Sopranos," how many characters die?

The magic number is 92.

Of those 92, how many were murders?

There were 62 murders in "The Sopranos."

Which character committed the most murders over the course of the series?

Paulie Walnuts is responsible for nine of the 62 murders. Tony Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti run a close second with eight each.

Which "Sopranos" season had the most deaths per episode?

Season five, with 1.4 deaths per episode, just beats out the sixth and final season, which has 1.3 per episode.

Who commits the first murder of the series?

Christopher shoots a minor character named Emil Kolar in the pilot episode.

Match the cause of death to the character: multiple gunshots to the chest.

Tony, Silvio and Paulie all pull the trigger on Big Pussy.

Match the cause of death to the character: stroke.

Tony does fantasize about killing his mother, but Livia dies of a stroke in the third season.

Match the cause of death to the character: strangulation.

The character name might not be familiar, but the murder was certainly memorable. Tony is visiting colleges with Meadow when he takes a side trip to strangle Febby, who's in the witness protection program.

Match the cause of death to the character: lung cancer.

Johnny Sack dies of lung cancer while he's in prison.

Match the cause of death to the character: car accident.

Bobby's wife, Karen, is killed in an off-camera car accident.

Match the character to his or her murderer: Richie Aprile.

Janice shoots boyfriend Richie after he hits her.

Match the character to his or her murderer: Adriana La Cerva.

Silvion takes FBI informant Adriana into the woods and shoots her.

Match the character to his or her murderer: Tony Blundetto.

Tony Soprano shoots his cousin because he knows the New York family is coming after him.

Match the character to his or her murderer: Christopher Moltisanti.

Tony suffocates Christopher after they're in a car accident.

Match the character to his or her murderer: Ralph Cifaretto.

Tony beats and strangles Ralph to death in an epic fight.

Who does Ralph kill right before Tony kills him?

Ralph fatally beats stripper Tracee, which is one of the straws that finally breaks Tony's back.

Where does Tony put Ralph's head and hands?

Christopher hacks up Ralph and puts his head and hands into a bowling bag.

What does Christopher discover while he's dismembering Ralph's body?

Ralph's toupee falls off as Christopher picks up his head.

Why is Vito Spatafore killed?

Vito is beaten to death because he's gay.

Someone from this family dies in every season of the series.

The cast jokingly called it "The Aprile Curse."

How does Bobby Baccalieri die?

The New York crew shoots him while he's looking at model trains in a toy store.

Every character who dated her ends up dying.

Janice was the common thread between Richie Aprile, Ralph Cifaretto and Bobby Baccalieri.

This character is a victim of the poker game shoot-out in season three.

Vito Spatafore shoots Jackie Jr. for trying to rob a poker game.

How does Gloria Trillo commit suicide?

Tony's girlfriend Gloria hangs herself.

What other character hangs himself?

Soprano soldier and FBI informant Eugene Pontecorvo hangs himself in his basement during the final season.

Tony hires Furio to be his enforcer in season two. How many people does Furio kill?

Furio thinks about killing Tony at one point, but he doesn't end up murdering anyone while he's on the show.

Which character has a heart attack while sitting on the toilet?

An apparently very constipated Gigi has a heart attack in the bathroom.

Uncle Junior's hitman kills Christopher's friend Brendan Filone in the first season — as Uncle Junior watches. Where does Brendan die?

Brendan is taking a bath when Uncle Junior and the hitman walk in.

Who is the victim of the final murder of the series?

Phil finally gets what's coming to him when he's gunned down at a gas station.

What happens to Phil after he's been shot?

Phil's own SUV runs over his head after he's shot.

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