Quiz: The Ultimate Solar Light Quiz
The Ultimate Solar Light Quiz
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About This Quiz

Solar lights are a simple solution for night-time outdoor lighting. You simply stick them in the ground and they store up their own power during the day and release it at night. See how much you know about solar yard lights by taking this quiz.

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What is the main benefit of solar yard lights?
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Which of the following functions in a similar way to solar yard lights?
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What type of battery do solar yard lights use?
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What sort of light source does a solar yard light use?
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Up to how many volts can a single solar cell produce?
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How many solar cells would you find in a typical solar yard light?
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What factors affect the amount of charge the NiCad battery will reach?
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How long can the NiCad battery operate the LED for?
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How are some solar yard lights designed to produce a stronger light?
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In solar yard lights with a halogen bulb, what causes the halogen light to turn on?
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