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Energy alternatives are becoming even more necessary as energy supplies diminish and costs rise. A solar air heater may be an alternative source of warmth for your home. Take this quiz to see how hot your knowledge of solar air heaters is.

What was a catalyst for the 1970s U.S. energy crisis?

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) imposed an oil embargo against the U.S. and other countries.


What is an economical solar add-on that may reduce your energy use?

Installing a solar air heater may be a simple and inexpensive way to access free solar thermal energy.


How do active solar systems work?

Active solar systems use solar panels to gather energy from the sun.


How do active solar systems move energy to where it is needed?

Fans are used to move energy to where it is needed.


Why may heat sinks be hazardous to your health?

Some larger solar air heater units use heat sinks to store heat. Mold and bacteria may grow inside the heat sink, and when the warmed air is blown into your home, the contaminants may hitch a ride.


How long will it take for a solar air heater to pay for itself?

If you heat your home with electricity, the energy savings will equal the cost of the solar air heater in about five to seven years.


What type of heating system is a solar air heater?

A solar air heater is a supplementary system. You will still need a conventional heating system to warm your home.


What are the maintenance needs of solar air heaters?

Solar air heaters require very little maintenance.


What may impact the energy savings from a solar air heater?

Individual differences in homes and climates may impact the energy savings.


Solar air heaters are most efficient in what climate?

Climates with long and cold winters that get a lot of sunshine may get the most out of a solar air heater.


What type primary heating system may lengthen the time it takes to return your investment on a solar air heater?

Using gas to power your primary heating system may lengthen the time necessary for the energy savings from a solar air heater to equal the cost.


Who is qualified to install a solar air heater?

This may be a do-it-yourself job, but you will need a buddy to help you. The system may be complicated to install, a careful review of the installation requirements is a good idea.


Why won't a window solar air heating unit work at night?

Window solar air heating units do not store heat, and will not work when the sun is not shining.


Where should you position a solar air heater?

Install on a south-facing roof or wall. Full sun exposure is necessary for best results.


What is the best estimate for the life expectancy of a solar air heater?

Solar air heaters may work for decades.


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