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If you're so smart, why would you need a smart home? The answer is for a variety of reasons, including saving energy costs, personal safety, even greater comfort. Take this quiz and see the smartest things in homes.

When you're at work, how does a smart home relieve your concern about whether you left the TV on?

If you're not sure whether you left your TV on, just connect online to your smart home gadgetry and check it out.


What is another term for a smart home?

A smart home is a home run by means of home automation.


Which appliances can be connected to the home automation system?

Any appliance that runs on electricity can be connected to the system.


How can you connect to your smart home and give commands?

There are actually three ways: voice, remote and computer.


What was the prototype smart home developed in 1975 in Scotland called?

It was called X10.


Under the home automation system, appliances and devices are called _____, whereas the controlling mechanisms are called:

The devices are the receivers and the controlling mechanisms are the transmitters.


A transmitted message will be in numerical code. What will it contain?

The numerical code will contain at least these things: a code with the actual command and a code for both the receiver and transmitter.


Why is communicating via electrical wires not always reliable?

The electrical wires can sometimes be "noisy" from powering other devices.


The two prominent radio networks that operate home automation systems, ZigBee and Z-Wave, are what is called:

ZigBee and Z-Wave are mesh networks that might use different ways to send messages.


How do smart home door handles usually admit entry?

Instead of using a key and door handle to open the door, the smart home reads your scanned fingerprint or a four-digit code.


If you wanted to join an X10 system with a Z-Wave product, what would you need?

You'd need a bridging device.


Why is appropriate placement of the wireless network nodes important?

The reason is to do with the routing range. If they are placed appropriately, they maximize the routing range.


Why does the cost to install a smart home vary widely?

It depends how "smart" you want your home to be. A simple lighting system is relatively cheap, whereas a smart home theater system can run into the thousands.


What can a fire alarm system in a smart home do?

A smart fire alarm can unlock doors, call emergency services and light up a path to safety. It can even wake you up if you're sleeping.


Suppose you're lying in bed in your upstairs bedroom and you want a hot cup of coffee from the kitchen downstairs. With a smart home, can you boil the water on command?

Of course you can! You need just say the word, and the coffee maker will be activated.


How would your energy bill be reduced in a smart home?

The smart home turns off certain devices when the room is not in use so, for example, you could never leave lights on by mistake for hours. They would simply turn off, saving energy.


What might a smart dog house do?

A smart dog house could give the dog a preset amount of food at selected times of the day.


When choosing a home automation system, what question should you ask?

You should address many pertinent questions when deciding what system will work best for you. Among them: How easy would it be to make changes to the interface?


What security concerns are there with a smart home?

A smart home system could be hacked into, which might may it vulnerable to an intruder.


Some smart home features may raise ________ questions about invading privacy.

A smart home's ability to monitor behavior may be fine for looking in on a toddler, but be resented by a teenager.


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