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The right design can open up small rooms and give them the feel of extra space. Test your designer know-how with our quiz about maximizing small spaces through good design.

What is key to making small spaces appear larger?

The secret to making small spaces look bigger is to choose items that fool the eye. Artists use this secret to make their works of art come alive.


What living room item could you replace to make the room appear bigger almost instantly?

Replace your wooden coffee table with a glass coffee table; the sparkling effect it creates will make your room appear larger.


What is the main decorating benefit of adding mirrors to your walls?

Mirrors bring the illusion of more space and increase light in small spaces.


What is an easy way to increase light by using mirrors?

Try to locate mirrors opposite windows to increase light. The mirrors will reflect the light from the window and give a natural openness to any room.


What color furniture is the best choice to make a small room appear larger?

It's best to use light colors such as cream, ivory and beige to give a sense of more space.


Choosing light neutral colors can __________.

Choosing light colors for furniture, curtains and carpet give the perception of openness to an otherwise small room.


How can you create movement and interest in a small room?

Hang a few mirrors close to each other but at different heights to give the room the feeling of movement and space.


What is the best way to add color to a small room?

When you choose light wall and furniture colors, you de-emphasize the room's hard lines and angles. Color is best added to the room with accessories and artwork.


When choosing furniture for small rooms, what should you pay the most attention to?

When you select furniture, try to keep in mind that you are looking for items that are scaled to maximize your space.


What sofa characteristics would best suit a small living room?

Try to avoid large, chunky, overstuffed arms when you choose a sofa. Many models available are designed to give comfortable seating without compromising valuable space.


What is a good way to add storage while saving space in a living room?

A storage ottoman can even double as a coffee table if you add a tray to the top.


Which of the following furniture is a good multitasker?

A chair or sofa that converts into a bed is a great way to save space when living area is tight.


What is an ideal way to decrease clutter in your kitchen?

Appliances such as toaster ovens and food processors combine the functions of several appliances into one. A multipurpose food processor lets you switch attachments to blend, mix and juice instead of owning a separate mixer, juicer and blender.


Where is a great spot to optimize storage in almost any home?

There is a lot of space under beds that can be used to store items such as out-of-season clothes and extra bedding.


What is one option to increase space in your bedroom without sacrificing convenience?

Shallow dresser drawers look just like their larger counterparts but give more space to move around in a small bedroom.


What is a unique way to create a place for your special figurines and keepsakes?

Glass shelves with a mirror behind will highlight your special items and add light and depth to the room.


What is an attractive storage option if you have limited closet space?

Decorative boxes can store items that you do not use very often and serve as a focal point for attractive items placed on top.


What is one good way to utilize space in a bedroom?

Shelves that do double duty as a headboard can provide extra storage space in a small bedroom. In a child’s room, hanging nets in the corners can create a great area for stuffed animals and toys.


Where is a good spot to store extra towels?

A shelf installed above the bathroom door is a convenient spot to store extra towels, and it makes use of wasted bathroom real estate.


How can you keep spices, pot lids and other small kitchen items organized and out of sight?

There are several options for storing these items. If you like them out of sight, your best option is wire racks designed to mount inside cupboard doors.


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