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Sweet sleep may restore the human body and mind, but how does sleep affect other organisms? You may be surprised to learn about the sleep habits of giraffes and some other creatures. Take this quiz to learn about the sleeping habits of all creatures.

What happens during sleep?

There is a decrease in physical activity and less reaction to outside stimuli during sleep.


What posture do bats assume while sleeping?

Bats hang upside down while sleeping.


What posture may horses assume while sleeping?

Sometimes, horses sleep standing up.


How much sleep do giraffes require?

Giraffes may need only about 30 minutes of deep sleep per day.


Which animal sleeps for close to 20 hours per day?

A brown bat may sleep for 20 hours per day.


What mammal baby hardly sleeps during its first few months of life?

A mammal baby usually requires more sleep than its parents, but baby orcas and baby bottlenose dolphins don't seem to sleep at all during their first few months.


What part of the brain goes into sleepy-time mode during unihemispheric sleep?

50 percent of the brain may power down during unihemispheric sleep.


What animals practice unihemispheric sleep?

Whales and dolphins may remain semi-alert during unihemispheric sleep.


How much sleep may fish need during a 24 hour period?

It is unclear whether fish actually sleep or simply rest.


What is an example of a state of reduced consciousness?

Sleep, coma, and hibernation are each a state of reduced consciousness.


Which state of reduced consciousness is easily reversible?

Sleep is the most easily reversible state of reduced consciousness.


What is an electroencephalogram?

An electroencephalogram is a record of brain electrical activity.


What circumstance may interrupt a bird's sleep pattern?

A bird's sleep pattern may be interrupted when migrating.


What is a short sleep that can have revitalizing powers?

A power nap is a short, non-deep sleep, and the purpose is to revitalize the sleeper.


How do you incur a sleep debt?

When you do not get enough sleep, you incur a sleep debt. A large debt could cause physical and mental fatigue.


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