Quiz: Skybar Wine System Quiz
Skybar Wine System Quiz
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With the Skybar Wine System Quiz, see how much you know about wine and this kitchen gadget. Learn more with the Skybar Wine System Quiz.

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How many bottles of wine can the Skybar Wine System accommodate at once?
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How long can the Skybar Wine System preserve leftover wine once the bottle is open?
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How does one dispense the wine in the Skybar Wine System?
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What type of technology does the Skybar Wine System use?
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What is the term used to describe the chemical reaction where oxygen makes contact with the wine, leading to compound-altering reactions?
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How much does the Skybar Wine System cost?
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What is the normal shelf-life of an opened bottle of wine (provided its contents have been recorked)?
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Which of the following is a sign that oxidation has occurred in an open bottle of wine?
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