Quiz: Does this match? Your Skin Tone and Colors
Does this match? Your Skin Tone and Colors
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Are you a summer, autumn, winter or spring, and what does that even mean? Test what you know about matching colors with your skin (and hair) tone in our quiz.

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Which pair is used to describe skin tones?
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What color will your veins appear if your skin tone is warm?
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True or false: You can use gold and silver jewelry to determine your skin tone.
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What lip colors work best on fair skin?
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Which is an example of a warm hair color?
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According to Fitzpatrick's scale, how many skin types are there?
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What percentage of your hair is always growing?
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What color base should your nail polish have if you have fair skin?
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What color should you avoid if you have a winter skin tone?
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Complete this sentence: "Light skin tones look better in ..."
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