Single or Not: Can We Guess Your Status?

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For most of us, how we act and how we live day to day has a lot to do with our relationship status. If you're single, you're probably going to spend a lot of time working out to look good, and you're probably going to spend a lot of time socializing. You're also probably going to spend a lot of your time in your sweatpants watching Netflix. 

If you're dating someone, you're probably going to be spending a lot of money in restaurants and bars, and you probably vacillate back and forth a lot between being really optimistic about your love life and feeling like you'll be single forever. If you live with your partner, you probably feel pretty secure about your relationship, and even though you might be all settled in, you probably aren't totally comfortable. You might even be married, and in that case, you might even have kids. If so, your romantic life is probably pretty much dead, but your bond with your wife might be unbreakable.

We bet if you answer our questions, we can figure out your relationship status. But if you're in a relationship, just don't let the person you are hanging out with see your answers, or you might be single all over again.

What turns you off?

When do you get up in the morning on Saturday?

What is the coolest decade?

Do you take a lot of naps?

Where do you live?

Are you experienced?

Have you ever dated two people in one day?

What was for dinner last night?

How many times have you been in love?

Why did your last relationship end?

What turns you on most?

What type of book do you read most?

Do you either have, or want to have kids?

How do you meet people?

What kind of music do you like best?

How many dates do you go on a month?

What were you wearing last night?

Have you ever Iived with a significant other in the past?

How often do you clean your place?

How zen are you?

What might you do at the beach?

What do you do on weekends?

Are you cocky when it comes to the opposite sex?

How many sexual partners have you had?

Do you worry about your weight?

Where would you go on a vacation?

How much money do you save each week?

What are you doing on a Friday night?

How much frozen food do you eat?

How often do you say "I love you"?

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