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Caring for a sick pet is difficult, since pets cannot voice how they feel. Take this quiz to learn about dealing with a sick pet in a foreign country.

Before traveling overseas with your pet, what do you need to find out?

Learn about the pet-related illnesses that exist at your travel destination. Also find out if the destination has any pet restrictions and if there are potential predators that may endanger your pet.


What part of the trip may be tough on a pet?

Quarantine can be stressful for a pet, as they will have to deal with being apart from you for a while.


What is a restriction placed on pets returning from overseas?

The U.S. government mandates that all pets must be checked by a veterinarian before they are allowed back into the country.


Who can tell you about pet care at your travel destination?

Pet rules may change, so it is best to consult the embassy of your destination to find out what the current rules and conditions are.


What might make your dog sick?

Unfamiliar surroundings can make a pet stressed, leading to symptoms including stomach upsets, constipation, sleeplessness, anxiety and aggression.


Which items should you make sure to bring along when you travel with your pet?

Stay prepared for any pet situations by taking along a pet first aid book, pet first aid kit, pet prescription medication and blankets.


To avoid you pet getting upset stomach while you are away, what should you bring along for you pet?

Bring along some of your pet's regular food to help your pet maintain its regular diet. This may help to avoid an upset stomach, which can be brought on by an irregular diet.


How can you make your pet's time in quarantine more comfortable?

Leave an item that smells like you with your pet while it is in quarantine, to help it stay calm while you are separated.


Why is it important to buy a sturdy kennel for your pet?

While you travel, your pet will spend most of its time in the kennel, so it is important that the kennel is safe and secure. This is both for the comfort of the pet and to ensure that it will not escape or be injured.


What should the bars of a kennel be made from?

Find a kennel with sturdy metal rods on the door and a secure frame. Check that the lock fits tightly.


What should you take along in case your pet does escape while you are abroad?

Bring along a current photo of your pet in case it goes missing, so that you can show people what it looks like.


Besides for embassies, what government body assists with preparing people for travel with their pets?

The APHIS has a listing of pet regulations in various foreign countries on their Web site. They also provide other services to prepare your pet for traveling.


The APHIS is a division of the U.S. Department of what?

The APHIS is a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


What do you need to get from the APHIS before traveling with your pet?

An APHIS-accredited veterinarian will have to issue your pet with an International Health Certificate before you will be allowed to travel with your pet.


What is required in order for your pet to get an International Health Certificate?

Your pet will need to pass a physical examination and will need to be up to date with its vaccinations before the vet can give it an International Health Certificate.


How might the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society be of assistance if you pet becomes ill overseas?

The Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society have a list of emergency vet services in the U.S. and overseas. The listings include maps of the area in which the service is located, phone numbers and other applicable Web sites.


What information can you give a vet that will help them to reach a diagnosis if you pet becomes sick overseas?

The veterinarian may be able to test a sample of food that was eaten by your pet to see whether it is the cause of your pet's illness.


What should you do if your pet becomes ill while you travel?

If your pet becomes ill it is important not to panic. Rather, keep your pet comfortable and isolate it, as sick or injured animals can be come violent.


What sort of hotel should you look for when traveling with a pet?

If you are traveling with a pet, you will need to make sure that you stay in hotels that allow pets. The hotel staff of a pet-friendly hotel are also likely to be a good source of information about where you can find help if your pet becomes ill.


During which hours can you contact the local U.S. embassy if you need help?

U.S. embassies are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so if you run into trouble you can give them a call and they can advise you.


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