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The University of Notre Dame football team has a history soaked in tradition. Assuming you're a fan, let's see how many of the following questions you can answer correctly!

The Notre Dame football team is known as which of the following?

All Notre Dame sports teams go by the nickname "Fighting Irish."

The University of Notre Dame is located in what state?

The University of Notre Dame, home of the Fighting Irish, is located in Indiana.

Who is Notre Dame's current head coach, as of 2017?

Brian Kelly is the 31st head coach of the Fighting Irish.

What are the University of Notre Dame's football uniform colors?

The Fighting Irish proudly don blue and gold uniforms when they take the field.

The Notre Dame football team claims what mascot?

The Leprechaun has been the school mascot since 1964, when artist Theodore W. Drake was paid $50 for his rendition.

The Notre Dame mascot, the Leprechaun, uses what prop to prod crowds and cheers?

The Leprechaun prods crowds with a shillelagh, which is a club or a walking stick. Traditionally, a shillelagh is a blackthorn stick.

The Leprechaun mascot travels with what other Fighting Irish contingent to games around the country?

The Leprechaun travels with the University's cheerleaders and makes public appearances at game-related events.

As a true Fighting Irish fan, can you name the team mascot before the Leprechaun?

Before the Leprechaun, the Fighting Irish were represented by a succession of Irish Terriers who all went by the name of Clashmore Mike.

Student cheers resound from what part of the crowd?

The Leprechaun Legion is the name given to students who attend Notre Dame games. They are led in cheers by the Leprechaun.

The University of Notre Dame claims how many national championships?

The university itself claims 11 consensus championships.

The University of Notre Dame lays claim to the oldest ___________.

The University has the oldest marching band in the nation. They've supported the team since 1887.

The Fighting Irish lost their first game to what school?

During their first meeting, Michigan beat Notre Dame 8-0.

The Fighting Irish played their first game, against Michigan, in what year?

Notre Dame lost to Michgan, 8-0, on November 23, 1887.

Who served as the Fighting Irish's first head football coach?

James L. Morison was hired in 1894. He earned $40.00 per week.

What player caught the first ever touchdown pass in Notre Dame football history?

Fay Wood caught the first touchdown pass in Notre Dame football history in 1908.

Michigan's loss to Notre Dame in 1909 resulted in Michigan's refusal to go against the Fighting Irish again for how many years?

After losing to Notre Dame, 11-3, Michigan refused another match for 33 years.

Notre Dame played what team in the 1966 tied game that is heralded as one of the greatest games in history?

The rivalry between Notre Dame and Michigan State played out in 1966 with a 10-10 tied game.

The Fighting Irish lays claim to how many Heisman Trophy winners?

The Fighting Irish have produced seven Heisman Trophy winners. The most recent was Tim Brown, in 1987.

What iconic Fighting Irish coach also played for the team?

Norwegian-born Knute Rockne played for Notre Dame from 1910-1913. He coached the team for 13 years.

Notre Dame backfield - Harry Stuhldreher, Don Miller, Jim Crowley and Elmer Layden - were known as what?

The Four Horsemen were part of the 1924 Notre Dame football team.

One of the Four Horsemen, Harry Stuhldreher, played what position?

Harry Stuhldreher was a quarterback on the 1924 Notre Dame football team. He didn't have much of a pro career, but he did go on to coach at Villanova University.

One of the Four Horsemen, Don Miller, played what position?

Don Miller played right halfback on the 1924 Notre Dame football team. He went on to coach college ball at Georgia Tech.

One of the Four Horsemen, Jim Crowley, played what position?

Crowley played left halfback on the 1924 Notre Dame football team. He went on to coach Notre Dame rival Michigan State.

One of the Four Horsemen, Elmer Layden, played what position?

Layden played fullback on the 1924 football team. He played pro ball in 1925-1926, and eventually coached his alma mater.

What is the name of the single-wing formation variation employed by Fighting Irish coach Knute Rockne?

The Notre Dame Box was also used by Green Bay Packers coach, Curly Lambeau, who learned it from Rockne himself.

Notre Dame player, George Gipp, was known by what nickname?

The Gipper played halfback, quarterback and punter for Notre Dame from 1917-1920.

Coach Jesse Harper used what controversial play to win against Army in 1913?

The 1921 Notre Dame team was the first to use the forward pass as a game strategy, not just an occasional tool.

Coach Rockne's "Win one for The Gipper" speech was the incentive the team needed to beat what rival in 1928?

Notre Dame beat the favorite, Army, 12–6.

How many undefeated seasons were the work of Knute Rockne as head coach?

Rockne coached the team to five undefeated/untied seasons.

Under Coach Leahy, some Fighting Irish faked injuries in 1953 to stop the clock, leading to what scandal?

Players said to have participated in the fake outs were nicknamed the Fainting Irish.

Coach Frank Leahy served from 1941–1953, except for 1944 when he was occupied doing what?

Leahy served in the Navy during World War II.

What Notre Dame head coach resigned without ever coaching a game?

George O'Leary was head coach for only five days before resigning and taking a position at the University of Central Florida.

Who was the first African-American head coach of the Fighting Irish?

Tyrone Willingham's 11-12 record resulted in his termination after two years.

The 2005 USC vs. Notre Dame football game was called the _______ game.

The game was thus named because USC running back Reggie Bush pushed Notre Dame quarterback Matt Leinart into the end zone.

1988 Notre Dame vs. Miami football game was known as what?

Notre Dame and Miami each entered the game undefeated. Notre Dame beat Miami, 31-30.

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