Quiz: Show Off Your Trivia Skills With This General Knowledge Quiz!
Show Off Your Trivia Skills With This General Knowledge Quiz!
By: Ryan Choate
Image: valentinrussanov/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Some people immediately think of answering questions about movies and world facts or sports when referring to the word trivia. Trivia has become synonymous with a board game and a TV show that makes players guess the question to the answer. Trivia draws crowds to pubs on Tuesday nights to sit around with friends and answer rounds of questions over rounds of beer. 

If we consider the definition of trivia, it refers to a kind of knowledge that deals with facts that are unimportant or inconsequential. Try telling that to the daily Jeopardy! champion. Trivia has a place in our culture that is very much relevant and entertaining.

Trivia gained some popularity in the 1950's with a series of TV game shows that centered around question and answers for money. After a  scandal broke in 1959 during which a producer was caught secretly giving answers to a contestant, TV trivia shows to a break until the 80's. 

A seminal moment in the history of trivia was the invention of the game Trivial Pursuit in 1982. Trivia was back in favor of the mainstream and the board game would go on to sell over 100 million copies. Put your buzzer down and make a final wager to show off your trivia skills on this general knowledge quiz!

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