Should You Take a Cruise or a Road Trip This Summer?

Zoe Samuel

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Summer is a great time to get away, and for the adventurous, that can mean hopping on a boat or in a car (or on a plane). Which sort of trip should you go on this year?

Do you get travel sick?

Do you like foreign cultures?

Do you fear drowning?

Do you like water sports?

What do you want to drink?

Who do you plan to go with?

Who else do you want to see?

What's your vacation budget?

Do you like dive bars?

How long have you got?

Do you worry about gas prices?

Do you fear norovirus?

How stressed out are you?

Do you mind having the existence of a class system repeatedly rammed down your throat?

Do you long for the open road?

Do you know what a rogue wave is?

Now that you've Googled "rogue wave," how do you feel about the ocean?

Do you know how to change a tire?

Can you handle being stuck in a small space with your nearest and dearest?

Do you like being told what to do?

Are you a planner or an improviser?

Do you like to just stumble upon hidden gems?

Do you like a room with a view?

Do you want to be able to stop and get off the ride if you're not having fun?

Do you rely on having decent internet?

Mountains or beaches?

Do you like to be drunk for most of your vacation?

Do you mind not being reachable?

Do you care if people are jealous?

Do you like to singlehandedly bring down the average age around you by 30 years?

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