Quiz: Should You Buy a New or Used Truck?
Should You Buy a New or Used Truck?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

It's time to retire your truck, but you still need a new one. With Autotrader and the like, you have a wealth of buying options. The question is: should you go new or used?

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Do you have to keep up with the Joneses?

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Are you transporting any live animals?

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Do you care about resale?

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How long do you plan to keep the truck for?

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Do you want people to be jealous?

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Does it freak you out to imagine someone else’s DNA all over your car?

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Do you care about the planet?

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Is everything vanity?

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Do you love to spend a lot of money for no particular reason?

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What’s your budget?

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How much do you care about knowing your vehicle’s real history?

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Do you want to lock in a great rate on your loan?

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Do you feel sad to imagine your truck’s value dropping by a third the moment you drive it off the lot?

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Do you think certified pre-owned vehicles are really certified?

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Do you live in the sort of area where your truck will definitely be stolen, meaning a new one is just an indulgence?

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Do you worry about how a used truck spends more time in the shop?

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What time of year do you plan to buy?

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Are you worried about registration fees?

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At what mileage do you expect your truck to give up and die?

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Are you a good driver?

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Do you like modern features like blind spot monitoring?

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