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From pump-action to semiautomatics, "scatterguns" have been useful tools and weapons for centuries. How much do you know about shotguns?

What was the first true purpose for shotguns?

Shotguns made it much easier for families to kill birds for food.


Why are shotgun bore sizes expressed as gauge instead of metric or decimal measurements, like most guns?

It is simply the way gun makers first started marketing their guns and that tradition stuck.


Who designed the Winchester Model 1897?

It was manufactured from 1897 to 1958, making it one of the most successful shotguns ever.


Parker Brothers Guns began manufacturing shotguns following which war?

The company made almost nothing other than shotguns until the World War II era.


Alexander John Forsyth is renowned for improving which aspect of shotguns?

Older style shotguns featured a delay between trigger pull and firing; his improvements made the process more instantaneous.


"Super magnum" shotguns use shells of which size?

These became more popular with the advent of non-toxic (and lighter) shot, offering a bit more oomph.


When did lead-free shotgun shells first gain traction around the world?

Regulations began to tighten around the world as governments realized the impact of lead on wildlife.


In which war did American troops first widely use 12-gauge shotguns?

For close-quarters trench fighting, shotguns were potent and deadly.


In what decade did paper shells begin to replace brass shells?

Paper shells became the construction of choice for many decades.


Which company marketed its product as "The World's Finest Shotgun?"

The Fox guns are finished by hand and often have intricate engravings.


In addition to being lighter than lead, what is another drawback to steel shot?

Steel is so hard that it can actually wear out the gun barrel, creating a safety hazard.


What spurred the development of non-toxic shotgun pellets?

Waterfowl like geese and ducks tend to eat pellets; the lead kind will hurt or kill them.


Why were punt guns mostly banned in the United States in the 1860s?

These huge shotguns were used to blast dozens of wildfowl at once, causing steep declines in their populations.


How long was the Herfurth Cannon, a type of punt gun?

It weighed "only" around 30 pounds, making it much smaller than some punt guns that weighed 100 pounds.


How did some shotgun shells become known as "buckshot?"

The larger pellets were better suited for larger animals.


When did the legendary Remington 870 first hit the retail market?

It is still manufactured today and has sold millions of copies.


About how many copies of the Remington 870 have been sold?

More of this shotgun model have been sold than any other.


Why did the Germans object to Allied forces using shotguns during World War I?

The Allies continued to use the weapons in spite of Germany's objections.


In which year was the first pump-action shotgun patented?

The patent went to an English inventor named Alexander Bain; his invention became so effective that pump-action models are sometimes faster than modern semi-automatics.


What event triggered a comeback for the 10-gauge shotgun?

Lighter non-toxic pellets (for waterfowl) work better in bigger loads.


M1030 shotgun shells are specifically made for which purpose?

The load is designed to disperse after destroying a door's hardware, granting access to the aggressor without harming someone on the other side.


What style of shotgun was the Winchester Model 1887?

It was the first widely-sold repeating shotgun, and it was beloved by law enforcement types.


Sawed-off shotguns generally have a barrel length of less than how many inches?

They might be short … but they are still menacing.


Why are there slits in the side of a shotgun shell's plastic wad?

The wad "blooms" as it exits the muzzle, letting the shot fly unimpeded.


From what material were the first shotgun shells made?

The first shells were made from brass, just like rifle and handgun cartridges.


Why did some early shotguns have very long barrels?

It was a misconception that very long barrels meant more accuracy.


How long were some of the earliest (single-user) shotguns?

They were "light" enough for one person to carry but they were very unwieldy.


In which decade did plastic become a popular shotgun shell construction material?

The 60s saw plastic become a miracle material for all sorts of consumer products.


In which country was the double-barrel, side-by-side shotgun invented?

Joseph Manton was known to create magnificent designs in the side-by-side format.


Which company manufactured the first successful repeating shotgun?

The lever-action shotgun won out initially but was replaced by the superior pump-action design.


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