Shop at Walmart and We'll Guess Your Exact Age

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Humans are complex, but our shopping baskets usually aren't! A trip to Walmart can result in many different types of shopping. Maybe you're grocery shopping, birthday shopping or shopping for the holidays. Or maybe you're just there to get a few things for yourself. But one thing is always true. The store has almost everything you could ever need or want. So, think we can guess your age from the items you pick up?

Taking a trip around the store can result in you coming across some interesting, weird or useful products you might not have known about before! No matter what section you go to first, you'll probably find something you'd love to have. The sections you gravitate to can also tell us a lot about you. If you're often in the toy section, you might have children or grandchildren. In the crafts aisle? You might spend lots of time creating or even working on projects for school. Get ready to start your shopping trip to Walmart!

So, it's time to see how much you can really reveal about yourself through your Walmart shopping cart. If you think you're ready to see your results, then you'll have to take the quiz!

You're in the market for some new furniture. What piece will you pick up?

It's your best friend's birthday. What are you picking up for them?

Which appliance is the perfect addition to your house?

What type of "As Seen On TV" item would you need to grab on the way out?

Of the following media, which one would you choose?

Time to pamper your pets! What are you buying?

Walmart has so many gadgets. Which one would you pick up?

What type of video game would you pick up?

There are plenty of collectibles for sale. Which one will you pick up?

Which piece of jewelry might you pick up for yourself or significant other?

Which item for the outdoors is definitely going in your shopping cart?

What sports equipment are you picking up for yourself or a friend?

Which item would you pick up near the checkout?

Food is always needed! What is your go to while at Walmart?

Clothing time! What item of clothing is a must for you?

The holiday season is approaching. If you were to pick up something to celebrate, what would it be?

The craft aisle is next on the list. What will you pick up?

What one thing do you always look at but never actually buy at Walmart?

Of the following random items, which one are you most likely to buy?

Which cleaning supply do you need to pick up from Walmart?

Everyone runs out of things at home. What are you going to have to pick up on this trip?

Time for treats! What sweet treat would you add into the cart?

The office supply aisle is next. If you were to choose an item, what would it be?

Which section are you heading to first when you enter the store?

What item will you pick up for your car?

You've reached the beauty aisle! What is your must have?

Of the following, you would be most likely to grab what item?

Which essential is going into your basket?

Of the following home improvement items, which would you pick up?

Time to pay! What are you using?

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