Shop at Magnolia Market and We'll Guess What % Joanna Gaines You Are

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About This Quiz

Magnolia Market is like the store of your rustic modern dreams. There is almost nothing you can't get at the store and online, and that's bad news for your wallet. Good news for your home, though! Complete the look of your kitchen with plates, serving platters, silverware, bakeware, etc., and pick the perfect throw pillows and blankets to bring the look of your family room together. Channel your inner Joanna and put together a mood board to figure out the style you're going for and the perfectly curated pieces that will help bring it to life.

How close do you feel to Joanna? If you've been with the Gaines' from the start, you probably feel like you guys are best friends. You have discovered a part of you that you didn't know was there, the part that loves high-quality items, muted earth tones and planting a garden to eat fresh from the ground. Or maybe you see a little piece of yourself in her, and then you take that and add your own spin to it. No matter how much or how little of yourself you see in Joanna Gaines, you're bound to see something. What percent Joanna Gaines are you? Shop at Magnolia Market through this quiz, and we'll guess!

Which decor section are you shopping from the most frequently?

The cutting board of your choice could be just the thing to complete your countertops. Which one makes the cut?

How many candles are you buying?

Fresh flowers can be tricky. Which silk flowers do you want from Magnolia Market?

Of the below choices, which vase fits your style the best?

In what vessel are you displaying all of your new candles?

Which throw pillow would make the perfect accent for your couch?

You need a rug to protect your gorgeous hardwood floors! Which one are you going with?

Can you choose just one tea towel?

There are tons of kitchen utensils out there, but which one do you want the most?

You're serving up quite a meal! What are you serving it on?

Are you stocking up on any new napkins for dinner parties?

Do the walls in your kitchen need any added decor?

If you're over paint and wish to go with wallpaper, which one is going up on the wall?

Maybe you do want paint! Which Magnolia color wins?

Let's say you're opting for real, planted flowers. Which pot will become their home?

You'll need some tools and accessories for those plants! Which one is getting added to your collection?

What one Spring Collection is a must-have?

Your head looks cold! Which hat are you picking?

Are you getting a shirt to match?

Did you know Magnolia Market sells purses? Which one do you want?

Your bathroom needs a little love too! What type of bathroom accessory are you picking up?

Do you want to pick an item from Chip's Corner?

What Magnolia jewelry item will happily adorn your body?

Head on over to the paper section! What are you scooping up?

Gifting is so fun. Is there a particular item that would make the perfect gift?

Ballin' on a budget? Hit the sale section! Which item are you treating yourself to?

Have you read any of the Joanna' books?

Is there a storage basket that you can't imagine not owning?

Do you want to completely outfit your home in Magnolia Market swag?

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