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The sea can be a scary and dangerous place for even the most stout-hearted sailors. How much do you know about these deadly and famous ship disasters?

What caused the sinking of the MV Dona Paz?

The ferry collided with a tanker and caught fire in 1987; it was captured on video.


How many people may have died on the Dona Paz when it sank in 1987?

The incredibly overloaded ship was filled with undocumented passengers; no one will ever know the real death toll.


How long did it take for the RMS Titanic to sink?

It stayed afloat long enough for most passengers to realize they were going to die.


What was the RMS Lusitania carrying when it was torpedoed?

The munitions were hidden below deck; the Germans targeted the ship even though there were more than 1,000 civilians on board.


How many people were injured by the Mont-Blanc explosion in 1917?

The ship was carrying munitions when it collided with another ship; the explosion also killed about 2,000 people.


What year did the MS Estonia sink?

It is Europe's worst-ever peacetime sinking; 852 people died.


What caused the Estonia's sinking?

Waves of nearly 20 feet (6 meters) --and possible mismanagement by the crew -- caused the ship to take on too much water.


Of the 1,500 people who died on the Titanic, how many were recovered?

Most were carried away by currents and never seen again.


Where did the RMS Empress of Ireland sink?

Its remains lie in about 130 feet (40 meters) of water and is accessible to motivated divers.


How many passengers died when the RMS Empress of Ireland crashed into another ship due to foggy conditions?

A total of 1,012 people died. The 1914 crash is still Canada's worst peacetime ship disaster.


What was the listed passenger capacity for the MV Bukoba, which sank in 1996?

But the overloaded ship probably had close to 1,000 people onboard when it sank.


Why did the MV Bukoba sink?

It was simply not maintained and probably should not have even been on the water.


In what year did the HMT Royal Edward sink?

It carried troops heading to World War I battlefields; more than 900 died.


In 1588, how many people survived the sinking of La Girona, which went down in a terrible storm?

There were perhaps 1,300 souls aboard and only nine survived; hundreds of dead bodies washed up onto land.


How long did it take for rescuers to arrive at the wreckage of the SS Hong Moh?

In 1921, the passenger ship snapped in two after hitting rocks near China; 1,000 people died, some while waiting for help.


How deep was the water where the G.P. Griffith caught fire and killed many passengers?

It was just 8 feet, but in 1850, many people didn't know how to swim, so jumping in the water was a death sentence.


In 1676, the Swedish ship Kronan may have sunk due to what cause?

A fast maneuver may have caused it to capsize; the exploding gunpowder didn't help, either.


When was the MV Wilhelm Gustloff sunk?

A Soviet submarine blasted the ship with a torpedo near East Prussia.


How many people died when the MV Wilhelm Gustloff sank?

More than 5,000 of them were children, but because it had guns on board it was considered a target.


In 1281, Japan-bound Mongols were said to have lost how many ships during a typhoon?

It cost the Khan around 100,000 men and 4,000 ships and ended his attempted conquest of Japan.


Where did the MS al-Salam Boccaccio 98 sink in 2006?

The ferry caught fire and began listing. It sank as it was turning back to port, killing more than 1,000 people.


Which ocean has an area known as a "graveyard" for ships?

The Graveyard of the Atlantic is actually two locations, both on the eastern side of North America; horribly rough waters cause many sinkings.


Where did the SS Eastland sink?

The ship simply listed to one side and sank, right there at the dock.


How many people died when the SS Eastland went down?

Poor design and carelessness were to blame; rescuers acted quickly but too many people were already below deck.


How did water rush into the Mary Rose, causing her sinking?

She turned too sharply and the ship tipped to one side, allowing water to course through the gun ports.


In 2002, how many people survived the capsizing of Le Joola ferry, which was carrying nearly 2,000 people?

The Senegalese ferry was far too overloaded and 1,863 people drowned.


How long did it take Le Joola to completely capsize?

Only one lifeboat managed to deploy; it saved 25 lives.


Where are the remains of the Arabia steamboat?

It sank in the 1850s on the Missouri River and is now under a field in Kansas City, Kansas.


How deep was the wreckage of the Titanic when it was found in 1985?

The incredible depth of the wreckage made it difficult to find until modern technologies spotted it.


Where are the remains of Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance?

In 1914 the ship became lodged in ice, it was crushed and sank; some explorers would like to find it but the 12,000-foot deep water and cold will make the task very difficult.


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