Quiz: Ships: Can You Name the Equipment From an Image?
Ships: Can You Name the Equipment From an Image?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Can you be a good captain of a ship? Or are you a marine vessel enthusiast? Whatever level of interest you might have with the sailing and shipping world, now is the time to test some of your knowledge. Do you think you can name all of this equipment commonly found inside, outside, around and about a ship? Then take this quiz and test your knowledge! 

Ships are a huge kind of sailing vessels. Perhaps the most popular of all is that one that suffered a tragic ending: The Titanic. But that's just one out of the millions of ships that have sailed the earth's oceans already. These days, ships come in varied forms and have diverse purposes as well.

Even though the ships of today have many types of functionalities, there are always universal equipment requirements and designs that each vessel must comply with. And we'll let you guess which of these pieces of equipment do which kind of duty aboard or onboard. If you like observing all sorts of boats, then this equipment will be familiar to you. Even better if you watch a lot of films and TV shows that have these kinds of ships, too. The best is, of course, if you've ridden one in your life, whether for leisurely or military purposes. 

Try our quiz! All aboard!

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Do you recognize this equipment?

This is the radar system of the ship. It’s a much-needed equipment!

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How about this equipment?

The anchor is probably the most recognized maritime equipment of all time. Some brand products even use it as a logo.

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What about this equipment?

This is called a propeller. Ships and airplanes both have this equipment.

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And this equipment?

Ship flags are needed for sending visual signals to other ships or to people in land. There’s a special system of code here.

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Can you identify this equipment?

A rudder is the equipment needed to make the ship turn. So it’s important to check if it functions well.

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Do you know this equipment?

A lifeboat is also considered necessary equipment. It’s needed in case the people onboard need to abandon ship and ride away from it.

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What is this equipment?

All kinds of maritime vessels have navigational lights as part of their equipment. Ships have an elaborate set-up of these things.

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Can you name this equipment?

A ship must have a magnetic compass. It should be attuned to the earth’s magnetic field.

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Can you tell the name of this equipment?

A bollard is the post that looks like a pawn of a chessboard. This is where rope is tied around, whenever a ship needs to dock.

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What’s the name of this equipment?

This is the main mast of a ship. Usually, the navigational lights system is attached here.

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Can you recognize this equipment?

There is usually a small flag staff somewhere in a ship. That’s where its main flag is attached.

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Could you tell what this equipment is?

This tower-like thing is called the derrick boom. It’s a mechanism for lifting things such as heavy cargo.

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Can you recognize this one?

A ship’s funnel function like that of a car’s. It’s like a chimney as well.

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How about this one?

Inside the control rooms, a telephone must be present. It’s used to make calls from the ship to the outside world.

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What about this one?

This is a crane. It’s also used for lifting stuff.

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More of a tool than an obvious equipment, a ship must have a voyage plan nonetheless. This used to be done on paper, but there are computer programs and apps for this now.

A daylight signalling lamp is used for daytime signalling. It’s usually done when making distress signals.

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Do you know this one?

The usually horn-looking loudspeaker on a ship is called a ship whistle. Yes, it does make that sound.

The accommodation ladder is this movable ladder attached to the side of the ship. It’s used by people who need to go in and out of the ship when docked.

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Can you name this one?

This is called a bow thruster. It looks like an exhaust fan up close.

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Can you tell the name of this one?

A hatch is usually an entryway or opening on the top of the ship. So the hatch cover is what serves as its door, which acts more like a raised roof actually.

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What’s the name of this one?

The foremast is usually in front of the ship. It’s a part of the ship but also serves as equipment since communication and lighting devices are attached to it.

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This is the propeller shaft. It is what makes the propeller function well.

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Could you tell what this one is?

The bulbous bow is in front of the ship. But it’s usually below the water surface, so we don’t immediately see it.

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Can you recognize this?

A pelorus is a navigational instrument in a ship. It kinda looks like a complicated compass up close.

The ship’s forepeak tank is where liquid kinds of cargo are carried. It can also be filled with ballast water if there’s no such cargo onboard.

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A nautical chart is indeed like the mapping of waters and land. But it’s designed more to help maritime navigation.

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A GPS receiver in a ship functions much like that of the ordinary car GPS. But of course, this is the amped up maritime version.

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Can you guess what this is?

The mooring gear is the system with pulley-looking devices and cables that help the ship when docking. So this is the mechanism equipment that makes mooring smooth and easy.

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This is a rudder angle indicator. The scale points to how the rudder is currently angled at a given time.

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This is the ship’s hawse pipe. It’s the tube-like equipment where the anchor’s chain passes through usually, or stored.

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Can you name this equipment in the image?

The rate of turn indicator is like a scale that measures via degrees per minute. Seamen call is ROTI for short.

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What’s the name of this equipment in the image?

The anchor chain is the one that passes through the hawse pipe. It securely holds the anchor on one end.

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Do you know this particular equipment?

Turbine refers to the main engine used in a ship. Yes, it looks massive.

The voyage data recorder is usually colored orange. It’s like an international regulation, as this equipment stores important information.

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This is a gyroscope. Its main purpose is to establish stability in the ship.

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The windlass is the mechanism that serves as a pulley system on the ship. It usually comes in the form of a roll drum where the cables or chains are attached, for pulling or letting down stuff.

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You got this! What’s this one?

An antenna is a much-needed equipment anywhere these days. Its main job is to transmit information via airwaves.

The echo sounder is used to monitor water depths. Only this one uses sound waves.

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Finally, what’s this particular ship equipment?

Devices called day shapes are used to give obvious visual signals during the daytime and are hung like décor in the mast. They’re usually colored black, and different shapes mean different things, like a ball, cylinder or diamond. Their positions of the display also mean different things.

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