Quiz: Ships: Can You Name the Equipment From an Image?
Ships: Can You Name the Equipment From an Image?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Can you be a good captain of a ship? Or are you a marine vessel enthusiast? Whatever level of interest you might have with the sailing and shipping world, now is the time to test some of your knowledge. Do you think you can name all of this equipment commonly found inside, outside, around and about a ship? Then take this quiz and test your knowledge! 

Ships are a huge kind of sailing vessels. Perhaps the most popular of all is that one that suffered a tragic ending: The Titanic. But that's just one out of the millions of ships that have sailed the earth's oceans already. These days, ships come in varied forms and have diverse purposes as well.

Even though the ships of today have many types of functionalities, there are always universal equipment requirements and designs that each vessel must comply with. And we'll let you guess which of these pieces of equipment do which kind of duty aboard or onboard. If you like observing all sorts of boats, then this equipment will be familiar to you. Even better if you watch a lot of films and TV shows that have these kinds of ships, too. The best is, of course, if you've ridden one in your life, whether for leisurely or military purposes. 

Try our quiz! All aboard!

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