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Some people count them to help them sleep, while others wear their skins to keep warm or enjoy their meat. No matter what, sheep are popular domesticated animals. Learn more about these creatures by taking this quiz.

Is there a similarity between sheep and cattle?

Both species have stomachs that are divided into four chambers and both are cloven-hoofed.


What is a ram?

The male sheep is called a ram.


What is a ewe?

A ewe is a female sheep.


How can you tell a wild sheep from a domestic sheep?

The wild sheep has a shorter tail and a coat of stiff hairs.


What is the natural inclination of sheep?

Sheep tend to flock together and follow a leader.


How does this inclination benefit the farmer?

A single shepherd can control hundreds of sheep.


If you are offered mutton, what are you about to receive?

Meat from an older sheep is called mutton.


What weight does a ram reach?

A mature ram can weigh 350 pounds (160 kg).


How much can an adult ewe weigh?

The ewe can weigh in at 250 pounds (115 kg).


Does the sheep have to be killed before its wool is taken?

Live sheep are sheared and the wool grows again.


Can the fleece of a sheep be tan in color?

Although fleece is usually white, it can be tan in color.


Which sex of sheep have horns?

Both can have horns, depending on the breed.


How many breeds of domestic sheep are there?

There are more than 200 breeds.


And how many of these breeds are economically relevant?

Only about a dozen are significant.


Which breed of sheep produces the finest wool?

That honor belongs to the Merino, originally developed in Spain.


From where do most breeds of meat sheep originate?

Most meat-producing sheep are immigrants from the United Kingdom.


What is the outstanding characteristic of the Hampshire breed?

Hampshires usually have brown or black faces.


What is unusual about the Corriedale?

Both sexes lack horns.


What breed of sheep is raised mainly for milk?

The Awassi and the East Friesian are raised for milk.


At what age are lambs raised for meat slaughtered?

They are marketed at age four to seven months.


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