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It is no easy task to visit all seven continents in a day. You will have to consider the type of transport that would be able to cover the distance within that time and how much money you can afford to fork out. However, with the right factors in place, you may be able to complete your trip to seven continents in one day. Take this quiz to see how.

What is the significance of noon-time during the day?

Noon is supposed to be the time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky.


How many degrees does the Earth rotate every hour?

The Earth rotates 15 degrees every hour, which is why time zones were created. Otherwise, it would be noon in the middle of the night in some places and in the middle of the day in others.


What is the difference in time between one time zone and the next?

There is one hour difference between each time zone.


If you want to visit all seven continents in one day, what will your definition of a "day" have to be?

You will not accomplish your trip in a 24-hour period. Rather, you might be able to accomplish it over a single date of the month, if you travel across the time zones so that you go back in time.


In what direction will you need to travel in order to visit all seven continents in one day?

You will need to move west, so that you will be gaining hours as you cross time zones. The recommended route to cover all continents in one day is: McMurdo Station, Antarctica; Christchurch, New Zealand; Bangkok, Thailand; Paris, France; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; Caracas, Venezuela; and Dallas Texas.


What sort of plane will you need to fly in if you want to make it to all seven continents in one day?

The only airliner that would take you that distance within one day is the Concorde, which is no longer in use. On a Concorde you could have done the trip in 23 hours and 40 minutes, not including take off and landing times. A Boeing 747 wouldn't get you there in time.


The Concorde cruised at what speed?

The Concorde cruised at 1,350 mph, which is around two and a half times faster than a Boeing 747, which cruises at about 560 mph.


How long did it take the Concorde to fly around the world?

A British Airways Concorde flew around the world in November 1986. It did the 28,238 mile trip in just under 30 hours.


How many dedicated landing strips are there in Antarctica?

There are 20 landing strips in Antarctica. However, Antarctica is likely to be the most difficult leg of the trip, as the runways are often encrusted with gravel or ice. A Concorde would find it difficult to land there.


Why are flights to Antarctica called boomerangs?

Flights leaving from Christchurch to Antarctica often have to turn back mid-flight due to poor weather. They have therefore been labeled boomerang flights.


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