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Did you spend every Thursday night of the 1990s in front of the television? Think you know all there is about close talkers, shrinkage and the jerk store? Then see if you're spongeworthy by taking this quiz. Yada yada — well, you know the rest.

What was the name of the pilot episode of "Seinfeld?"

It was only after the show was picked up that it was renamed "Seinfeld."

What was Kramer's name in the pilot?

The character of Kramer was based on a real-life friend of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and was known as "Kessler" in the pilot, "The Seinfeld Chronicles."

What series regular was not in the pilot?

The pilot featured another female lead that was later rewritten as Elaine Benes and cast with Louis-Dreyfus.

In the beginning of the series, what is George's job?

George holds many (rather vague) positions throughout the series, but he starts off as a real estate agent.

What does Jerry say about anyone who had a pony growing up?

Although it may or may not have caused an old woman's death in "The Pony Remark."

Where is Elaine from?

Elaine comes by her Orioles fandom naturally.

Starving while waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant, what item does Jerry bet Elaine she wouldn't steal from the plate of seated diners?

Elaine loses the bet.

What's the name of Elaine's roommate in the first couple seasons of the show?

Tina and Kramer have a brief relationship.

In the episode "The Parking Garage," why is Elaine in a rush to get home?

Once they do find the car, the engine doesn't start.

What are George's parent's names?

Played by Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris, George never had a chance with Frank and Estelle.

Larry David based what character on himself?

George's neuroses are all David's.

What causes George to suddenly become attracted to Elaine?

Jerry and Kramer are also enthralled with Elaine after finding out she taped the anonymous, husky-voiced message.

What is Kramer's big line in a Woody Allen movie?

Alas, he is fired from the part.

Who is O'Brien?

In "The Limo," the gang accidentally finds themselves ferried around town in a car meant for a terrible bigot.

Who is the first to drop out of "The Contest?"

Kramer was never going to win that $150.

Jerry's girlfriend's breasts are real, and they're:

Jerry probably should've just minded his own business, but he couldn't leave well enough alone.

What is Jerry and George's pilot called?

Unfortunately, their pilot isn't picked up.

Why does Jerry agree to wear the "puffy shirt"?

Kramer's clothing-designer girlfriend is a "low-talker" and Jerry didn't hear what she was saying when he agreed to model her shirt.

What religion does George attempt a conversion to?

He goes through with it, but shortly after the girlfriend is through with him.

George found Kramer's golf ball where?

The sea was angry that day, my friends.

How does Mr. Pitt eat his Snickers?

As does the rest of New York, by the end of the episode.

What is George's position with the New York Yankees?

An extremely important job that mostly involves trying to calm down George Steinbrenner.

What's George's ATM code?

Susan isn't happy he won't share the sweet password with her.

Who is banned from the Soup Nazi's deli for a year?

Elaine doesn't take the Soup Nazi's rules seriously and pays the price.

What restaurant's neon lights keep Kramer up all night?

Kramer becomes obsessed with Roger's chicken, despite his frustration with the lights.

Who is "Little Jerry Seinfeld"?

Kramer gets a rooster that he names for his neighbor.

Whose mantra is "serenity now?"

Frank is supposed to say it to lower his blood pressure -- and probably not yell it at the top of his lungs.

What is a traditional part of Festivus?

If you got this one, chalk it up to a Festivus miracle.

What is the jail sentence for Kramer, George, Elaine and Jerry in the series' finale?

Although a little community service might have done them all some good.

What show hosted a "reunion" of sorts for" Seinfeld"?

Larry David's show had a plotline that involved a "Seinfeld" reunion.

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