Quiz: A Show About Nothing: The Seinfeld Quiz
A Show About Nothing: The Seinfeld Quiz
By: Staff
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Did you spend every Thursday night of the 1990s in front of the television? Think you know all there is about close talkers, shrinkage and the jerk store? Then see if you're spongeworthy by taking this quiz. Yada yada — well, you know the rest.

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What was the name of the pilot episode of "Seinfeld?"
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What was Kramer's name in the pilot?
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What series regular was not in the pilot?
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In the beginning of the series, what is George's job?
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What does Jerry say about anyone who had a pony growing up?
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Where is Elaine from?
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Starving while waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant, what item does Jerry bet Elaine she wouldn't steal from the plate of seated diners?
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What's the name of Elaine's roommate in the first couple seasons of the show?
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In the episode "The Parking Garage," why is Elaine in a rush to get home?
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What are George's parent's names?
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Larry David based what character on himself?
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What causes George to suddenly become attracted to Elaine?
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Who is the first to drop out of "The Contest?"
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Jerry's girlfriend's breasts are real, and they're:
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What is Jerry and George's pilot called?
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Why does Jerry agree to wear the "puffy shirt"?
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What religion does George attempt a conversion to?
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George found Kramer's golf ball where?
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How does Mr. Pitt eat his Snickers?
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What is George's position with the New York Yankees?
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What's George's ATM code?
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Who is banned from the Soup Nazi's deli for a year?
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What restaurant's neon lights keep Kramer up all night?
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Whose mantra is "serenity now?"
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What is a traditional part of Festivus?
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What is the jail sentence for Kramer, George, Elaine and Jerry in the series' finale?
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What show hosted a "reunion" of sorts for" Seinfeld"?
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