Quiz: See If You Can Ace This Horseback Riding Knowledge Quiz
See If You Can Ace This Horseback Riding Knowledge Quiz
By: Heather Cahill
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About This Quiz

The bond you have with your horse is unmatched. These gentle giants have nothing but love for their riders and work with you to be the best that they can be. For a beginner, riding might be quite intimidating. But with time, beginners will see the pure joy and love that goes into learning along with a horse. But first, it's important to know the basics. Do you think you know all the basics of riding?

It's time to saddle up! Do you know how to do it? You'll need to know the steps, parts and ways of doing it in order to ace this quiz. Don't forget the different riding styles or techniques that you should know in order to find the ones that suit you best. In addition to trail riding, there are also many activities that you and your horse can take part in together. The horizons are wide open for every rider!

There is nothing like the feeling of riding a horse through the trails or in a ring. So, if you think you could ride along with the best, then what are you waiting for? Jump into the saddle and see how well you know how to ride!

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There are very many parts of a saddle and bridle. Where does the bit go?
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What should you always do before saddling your horse?
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Which side of the horse do most people mount into the saddle from?
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You'll find that there are many different horse-riding techniques. Do you know what neck reining is?
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What is a good thing to do for your horse after taking the saddle off?
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Where should your hands be placed while holding the reins?
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What should all riders wear for safety?
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Of the following, which is not a riding style?
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It's important to dress the part when going riding. What item of clothing should you wear while riding?
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How should you act around a horse?
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There are many commands that a horse must learn. When you want your horse to stop, what should you say to it?
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What might get sore after riding your horse for a while?
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If you cannot control your horse, what should you do?
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You'll need to know your supplies when around a horse! What is a curry comb used for?
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Which horse breed is the best for a beginner rider?
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Preparation is key. What is important to do before riding?
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What goes first when saddling a horse?
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In which of the following cases should you not ride your horse?
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Once you're a skilled rider, which activity could you take part in with your horse?
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What must you be aware of while riding a horse?
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Of the following, what can happen if your horse is not groomed before saddling?
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What is the name of the item that you put your feet in while on the horse's back?
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Which part of the dressing goes around the horse's stomach?
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What is one feature of Western-style riding?
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While saddling up your horse, what should you do when walking behind it in order to be safe?
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What should you do while riding along a road?
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How should you move while jumping your horse?
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One important part of riding a horse is also being able to lead it. What should you do in order to lead a horse?
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How many natural gaits does a horse have?
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