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Scabies is miserable to have, and even more miserable to try to hide. Learn the causes, treatments and home remedies for scabies.

How many estimated cases of scabies occur each year worldwide?

The American Academy of Dermatology's estimates put the number at 300 million.


The size of a scabies mite can best be described as:

The burrowing mites can cause extreme itchiness but they're microscopic.


Scabies eggs are slow to hatch.

The process repeats itself and quickly develops into an infestation.


Symptoms of scabies are most often found on body parts such as:

The symptoms can affect nearly any part of the body but are most common on the wrist, elbow, armpit, penis, nipple, waist, buttocks and between the fingers.


Some sufferers of scabies will develop scabies rash.

The rash is a pimple-like breakout.


Crusted scabies are also known as:

A severe form of the disease, Norwegian scabies isn't common.


Scabies typically develop within a week of infestation.

Scabies don't develop for several weeks which often causes the symptoms to be severe by the time they're treated.


Scabies mites are often spread among:

To get scabies you have to have prolonged, physical contact with someone who is already infected but that can include sharing articles of clothing or bedding.


Intercourse is one way that adults contract and spread scabies.

Intercourse is one of the more common forms of contracting and spreading the disease.


An entire family can become infected with scabies before:

The disease can spread before symptoms appear which gives scabies an opportunity to effect many people quickly.


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