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Everybody wants to save a buck and with halogen lighting you not only save money, but help save the environment. Take this quiz to shed some light on halogen bulbs.

What criteria are important in choosing a light bulb?

When choosing a light bulb, you want it to illuminate your home, be a pleasing color and be affordable.


What kind of products are manufacturers attempting to make that help the environment?

They are aiming to make products that are low in energy use or energy-efficient.


Which of these is a good choice for budget-conscious homeowners?

Halogen lights are better; they provide the same brightness for a quarter of the energy (read: price).


An incandescent light bulb contains a filament made of:

The filament is made of tungsten, tiny particles of which fall off as the light burns.


What do the halogen gases surrounding the filament in a halogen light do as it burns?

The gases return the fallen particles of tungsten to the filament as it burns.


Why are halogen bulbs becoming increasingly popular in the auto industry?

Halogen bulbs allow drivers to see better at night. In addition, they don't need replacing as often as other bulbs.


How do halogen bulbs compare in size with other types of lighting?

Halogen lighting is more compact than other forms of lighting.


When was the incandescent light invented?

It was invented more than 100 years ago and this is attributed to Thomas A. Edison.


What is a disadvantage of the fluorescent light bulb?

The fluorescent light bulb can't be dimmed as can an incandescent or halogen one.


What are the safety concerns regarding a fluorescent light bulb?

Inside a fluorescent light bulb is mercury and there is a concern regarding its safe disposal.


What is the average lifespan of a halogen light bulb?

A halogen bulb will usually last between 2,000 and 4,000 hours, a significantly longer lifespan than the average incandescent.


Whereas incandescent bulbs produce 12 to 18 lumens per watt, halogen ones produce _____ per watt.

They produce lumens (or lighting power) of about 16 to 29 per watt (unit of energy) used.


What causes the halogen light bulb to produce more lumens per watt?

Halogen bulbs can burn at higher temperatures than incandescent ones. The higher temperature enables it to produce greater light.


Light emitting diodes (LEDs) might be the home lighting of the future. Currently, they are _____ than any other lighting source on the market.

LEDs, currently used in flashlights and cameras, are four times more efficient than other lighting sources.


What is the finding of the California Energy Commission vis-à-vis lighting as part of a home's utility costs?

Lighting, says the CEC, takes up about 25 percent of the total utility bill.


A single 100-watt incandescent light would cost approximately $48 to run per:

That's what it would cost per year.


If you are hesitant to switch your incandescents for halogen lights as the main lighting in your home, what is the minimum you could do?

You can use halogen lighting for recessed or task lighting. This won't take away from your preference for incandescents as your main lighting source.


The equivalent lighting produced by a 100-watt incandescent light bulb would require a:

A 75-watt halogen bulb will produce the same lighting or brightness as a 100-watt incandescent.


Compared to an average $1 for an incandescent bulb, how much does an average halogen bulb cost?

It goes for about $5. This is a fair downside considering its lifespan and energy consumption.


Is there a specific downside to using a halogen light in your home?

A halogen light, owing to its increased heat compared to other bulbs, can be problematic during the hot summer months.


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